Sinaloa Hesper Palm Tree

The scientific name for the Sinaloa Hesper Palm is – Brahea aculeata. Sinaloa Hesper Palm is also known as Aculeata Fan Palm. Sinaloa Hesper Palm is native to western Mexico.

Sinaloa Hesper Palm Description

Sinaloa Hesper Palm is a nice small to a medium sized solitary fan palm with a rough trunk (to 5m tall), an open crown of relatively large (up to 1 metre across), light gray-green leaves, lightly armed petioles, and a long branched inflorescence which extends past the leaves. The armor is present, although not too prominent. Tolerates hot sun and windy conditions

Growing Sinaloa Hesper Palm

It’s a slow growing palm tree. Sinaloa Hesper Palm will tolerate drought and windy conditions. It prefers sandy, well drained soil. Sinaloa Hesper Palm is hardy and can tolerate cold up to 23F. Does not require much water.

Sinaloa Hesper Palm Propagation

Propagated by seeds.

Buying Sinaloa Hesper Palm

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