About Us

Welcome to Florida-Palm-Trees.com!

My name is Susan Brian. I am a mother, a wife and a gardener. I live and work in Florida where I have a house with a big tropical garden full of palm trees. I became a palm tree collector during my 4 years at the Florida nursery. Because of my extensive palm tree collection and gardening experience I get a lot of questions on what palm trees to buy and how to take care of them.

In 2008, I started this site to and help gardeners around the world to grow beautiful healthy palm trees.

Here you can find a lot of great tips on planting palm trees, pruning palm trees, training palm trees and much more. We try to put up as much information as we can find about most popular Florida Palm Trees. We have a small database of palm trees with general information and colorful pictures but will be adding more as time goes by.

If you have a gardening web site, we would love to exchange links with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Have a wonderful day,

Susan Brian