Fast Growing Palms Trees

Everybody wants to buy a fast growing palm, so they can spend less money and still get a palm tree that will grow in a few months giving your garden a beautiful tropical look.

Growing condition is the key factor.

If you buy a fast growing palm tree and plant it in South Carolina, it will grow slower than the same palm in Florida. The more tropical the climate is, the faster your palm tree will grow.

Another important factor is fertilizer. You can dramatically speed up growing process by giving your palm tree enough nutrition.

Here are Top Fast Growing Palms:

1. Carpentaria Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Carpentaria acuminata
Carpentaria Palm is native to the rain forest areas of Australia. It is an extremely fast growing palm that grows 6 feet (2 meters) a year.
2. King Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Archontophoenix alexandrae
King Palm is a quick growing palm that grows around 2.5 feet a year. So you can get 25 feet palm tree in 10 years. The maximum height is about 40 feet.
3. Queen Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Syagrus romanzoffiana
Queen palm is native to the South American woodlands of Brazil and Argentina. It is a fast growing palm that can grow from 15 gallon plant to 25 feet in 7 years.
4. Royal Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Roystonea oleracea
Common Name: Royal Palm

One of the products that I personally love is Jobe’s Palm Fertilizer. This product is great, because it promotes root development and the long-term vitality of all types of palms. It won’t burn the roots and has all the nutrients your palm trees need. More info about Palm Tree Fertilization.

~Susan Brian

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3 thoughts on “Fast Growing Palms Trees”

  1. I have 22 queen palm trees in my yard and side lot. All healthy and maintained. A few weeks ago one of our beautiful, mature queen palms died SUDDENLY! Within two days all the green frons were drouped and broke at the top and some were drouped and touching the grass. This queen palm went from looking magnificent to lifeless (still green) and being totally dead within a week. The frons have now, of course, turned brown. Our trees are injected yearly for prevention of white flies and also fertilized by a tree service. Any idea what could have caused this??

  2. I’m moving to punta gorda on Tuesday I have a blank slate yard to start a beautiful landscape please help

  3. Lisa: First: Google Florida Palm Trees. It gives and shows you a comprehensive list of the different types of palm trees to help you decide the size, shape of the various palm trees for shade, etc. Otherwise you will get zonkered on trees and bushes you really dont want. Read/study it thoroughly over first to give you ideas as to what YOU FEEL you want before asking anyone to sell you a lot of ‘everything’ you dont want..
    Then when you feel strongly confident as to your type of trees, bushes, hedges visit your local tree sellers and tell them what YOU want…and save yourself tons of dollars ascwell as feel good about yourself.
    Good luck!


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