Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm Tree

Common Name: Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm,Sierra Madre Palm
Scientific Name: Brahea decumbens
Growth Rate: Slow
Height: up to 6ft
Light Req: full sun
Water Req: moderate
Cold Tolerance: down to 24F

The scientific name for the Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm is – Brahea decumbens. Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm is also known as Sierra Madre Palm. Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm is native to Mexico and found on the exposed rocky limestone hills of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm Tree Description

This pricey little palm has recumbent trunks and suckers so it doesn’t take up much room. It’s most striking feature are it’s nearly white leaves making it really stand out in the landscape. There are small teeth along the petioles.

Growing Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm Tree

It is a very slow growing palm that can reach max height of 6 ft. It can spread to a foot max. It can tolerate cold up to 24F. It needs moderate watering but is very tough in a drought conditions, in case you forgot to water it. Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm likes full sun but will tolerate some shade. It’s a very rare palm tree so it might be hard to find it in your local nursery.

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  1. I was wondering if you know of this type of palm:

    Brahea decumbens, Sierra Madre palm

    If so, can you tell me near Sarasota I might buy one?

    Thank you.


  2. I’m a resident who enjoyed your article on the Mexican dwarf blue palm. Do you happen to know where this tree might be obtained? My searches are producing nil.

    Thank you.

    Dennis Ricke

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