Dainty Lady Palm Tree

Common Name: Dainty Lady Palm, Guilin Dwarf Palm
Scientific Name: Guihaia argyrata
Growth Rate: Slow
Height: up to 50 inches
Light Req: partial shade
Water Req: moderate
Cold Tolerance: down to 18F

The scientific name for the Dainty Lady Palm is – Guihaia argyrata. Dainty Lady Palm is native to the limestone mountains and cliffs in southern China but also can be found in northern Vietnam. It’s a very slow growing palm that likes partial shade but will grow in the full sun. Dainty Lady Palm is also called Silver Back Fan Palm.

Dainty Lady Palm Tree Description

This is a beautiful shrub-like suckering tree with rough, thin and very short trunk. Leaves are spoke-like palmate bicolor dark green with bright silvery white and sometimes gold undersides.

Growing Dainty Lady Palm Tree

Dainty Lady Palm can grow to a height of 50 inches. It can spread to a foot max. It likes well drained soil with proper watering. It can tolerate cold up to 18F. It’s a very rare palm tree so it might be hard to find it in your local nursery.

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