Travelers Palm Tree – Ravenala madagascariensis

travelers palm tree6 Travelers Palm Tree   Ravenala madagascariensis

The Travelers Palm Tree, scientific name Ravenala madagascariensis, is one of the most recognizable palm trees in the world for its spectacular fronds that range in color from orange to yellow to green.  It can adapt to a wide range of soils.  Travelers Palm Tree can create a wonderful shaded area in the yard or by the pool.

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Travelers Palm Tree Profile

travelers palm tree1 Travelers Palm Tree   Ravenala madagascariensis

Scientific name: Ravenala madagascariensis

Common names: The Travelers Palm is also known as Travellers Palm and Traveler’s Tree.

Family: Arecaceae

Origin: It is native to Madagascar.

Appearance: Young Travelers Palm has a subterranean trunk that grows underground. As the palm matures it develops a short green trunk, about 1 ft in diameter, with distinctive leaf scar rings.

The Travelers Palm has about 30-35 large,10 ft long, fan-shaped leaves supported by long petioles. Leaves resemble those of the banana and are symmetrically grouped, giving the tree the aspect of a hand fan. High winds can shred the leaves giving them a feather like appearance. Leaf stems color varies from orange at the base of the stem to yellow in the middle and to the bright green closer to the end.

Leaf stems can store a lot of rain water that can be used as an emergency drinking supply during drought. There are a lot of stories of  travelers looking for the palm to get some water, hence the name Travelers Palm.

travelers palm tree3 Travelers Palm Tree   Ravenala madagascariensis

Flowers/Fruits: The Travelers Palm produces white flowers, supported by large green flower stalk. Flowers can be as large as 2ft in diameter. Leaf stalks look like a narrow bowl and collect a lot of rain water making it very heavy. Bloomed out flower are followed by brown fruits that open to reveal stunning bright blue seeds inside.

Growth Rate: Moderate.  Ravenala madagascariensis grows at the medium rate up to 30-40 ft tall with 10-15 ft ft wide spread.

Outdoor/Indoor Use: Both.

Cold Tolerance: Travelers Palm Tree is one of the most awe-inspiring natural palms in the world that can tolerate cold temperature down to 20F. Grows best in USDA Zones 9a (20 to 25 F) to 11 (above 40 F).

Light Req: It likes full sun but can also grow in light shade.

Water Req: Moderate. Grows best in moist, well drained soil. Native to Madagascar, Travelers Palm Tree easily adapts to a wide range of soils and makes a great centerpiece for any area or landscape. It tolerates sandy and clayey soils.

Maintenance: Easy. To prevent nutritional deficiency, apply good quality palm fertilizer that has continues release formula twice a year during growing season.

Propagation: Propagated by seeds or a division of clumps.

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For more photos click here Travelers Palm Pictures.

Grows best in moist, well drained soil.

~Susan Brian

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9 Responses to “Travelers Palm Tree – Ravenala madagascariensis”

  1. Hello.

    I live in Australia and my travelers palm is growing perfectly, i would like to know how to seperate and replant the off-growths that are growing from the base of the tree?

    are there any steps you can give me to do this?


  2. I have a traveller’s palm and all I do is slice down deeply and take a bit of the main fibrous root too, if posible and then just plant the baby.
    They seem to get established quickly. Keep damp but not water logged and a bit of fertizer.
    Let me know how you get on with this.
    Can you tell me please how big the root system grows and whether it will damage my swimming pool as it is plntes right next to it!?
    I look forward to hearing from you, please. Jo

  3. It has a large rhizotomous root system – hence the offshoots which you have managed to plant. But It will damage your pool in time if it is really close[within two feet?]
    good that you can propagate the ‘babies’

  4. We have 2 traveler palms and do not want the sucker shoots that keep coming up on the main tree. Trees are about 4-5 years old. Is there any way to stop the new shoots other than cutting them off? If not, how large round will the base of the tree get before it stops spreading?

  5. I live in Florida, and recently bought a large travelers palm. The leaves drooped initially when planted (which the guy in the nursery said would happen as it settles in the ground). Then the leaves started to pick up and stand up a little more. However, yesterday, all the leaves started drooping again … not sure if I am not watering it enough (as we have had very little rain), or if it needs a drip system to keep it moist at the roots, or if it doesn’t like where I planted it (on the side of the house so the leaves fan in front of the wall). We did have some high winds a couple of days ago too. Does anyone have some advice or recommendations as to definite cause of the drooping leaves and best way to rectify ? Thank you xx

  6. I bought a travelers palm at sam’s club. I brought it home
    and planted it. The leaves have been dropping it gets full
    sunlight. being cape coral Florida gets so much sun I think
    I’m going to have to start acclimating these
    different palms to the sun a little at the time. but the tags on
    the trees say FULL SUN .???

  7. Hi. I am planning to grow Travellers palm from seedlings. How do you remove the dormancy and what is the best way to propagate them?

  8. I have a huge Travelers palm, about 25 feet tall. How can I stop the off-shoots from growing? If they can not be stopped, how can I prune them off to slow them down?

  9. I lived in SoCal, specifically in the south bay area, I want to buy a Travellers Palm, can this tree thrive or live here in the L.A. area ?

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