South Carolina Palm Trees

South Carolina has a lot of warm areas for growing palm trees. South Carolina has a humid subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The average July temperatures range from 89-92°F(31-33°C) while he average January temperatures range from 50-59°F(10-15°C). In the summer, this state gets tropical cyclones and thunderstorms. During winter South Carolina receives on average about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of snow.

It gets around 64 days of thunderstorm each year. The state is also is threatened by tornadoes. The warmest temperature ever recorded was 111°F (44°C) and the lowest was –20°F (–29°C). South Carolina USDA hardiness zones ranges from 6b to 9a.

South Carolina USDA Zones

south carolina zones1 South Carolina Palm Trees

Growing Palm Trees in South Carolina

If you live in the zone 8 or 9, you shouldn’t have any problems growing palm trees. There are a lot of cold hardy palms that will grow in those zones. Here are some of the palms that will grow in South Carolina:

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Major Cities in South Carolina

Charleston – Hardiness Zone 9a
Columbia – Hardiness Zone 8a
Florence – Hardiness Zone 8a

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