Sombrero Palm Tree

Common Name: Sombrero Palm, Desert Palm, Rock Palm
Scientific Name: Brahea dulcis
Growth Rate: Moderate
Height: up to 12ft
Light Req: full sun to partial shade
Water Req: moderate
Cold Tolerance: down to 15F

The scientific name for the Sombrero Palm is – Brahea dulcis. Sombrero Palm is native to Guatemala and Mexico and is very popular in Florida.

Sombrero Palm Tree Description

A beautiful fan palm producing blue-green leave. The fronds are more finely cut than most within the genus and this feature gives a more delicate appearance. Occasionally suckering.

Growing Sombrero Palm Tree

Sombrero Palm can grow as high as 12 feet. Produces sweet edible cherry sized fruits. Sombrero Palm is a slow growing palm that can tolerate cold up to 15F. It likes full sun or filtered light.

Sombrero Palm Propagation

Propagated by seeds. Slow germination. Soak the seeds in warm water for 2 days. Plant at a depth of 1″ using well draining soil mix. Keep warm, damp and in bright light.

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