Bismarck Palm Tree – Bismarckia nobilis

bismarck palm tree4 Bismarck Palm Tree   Bismarckia nobilis

The Bismarck Palm Tree, scientific name Bismarckia nobilis, is one of the most desired fan palms in Florida.  The Bismarck Palm is native to the island of Madagascar which is off the east coast of Africa. It was a relatively recent introduction to Florida landscapes. Bismarckia nobilis is a massive palm that will give dramatic effect to any landscape. This palm can be used as a focal point or for nice shade and screening. This palm can tolerate cold temperatures down to 15F and can be grown in states like Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oregon and Texas.

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Bismarck Palm Tree Profile

Scientific name: Bismarckia nobilis

Common names: The Bismarck Palm is also known as Bismark Palm, Bismarckia Palm, Nobilis Palm.

Family: It belongs to Arecaceae family.

bismarck palm tree3 Bismarck Palm Tree   Bismarckia nobilis

Origin: The Bismarck Palm is native to the island of Madagascar which is off the east coast of Africa.

Appearance: The Bismarck Palm has a single smooth trunk topped with 20-25 wide fronds forming a spherical crown. Younger Bismark Palm has grey trunk covered with old leaf bases which gets smoother as it matures. The Bismark Palm has palmate waxy leaves supported by thick stems. Stems are 8-10ft long, 10 inch in diameter and covered with small sharp teeth. Wide spread of beautiful silver-green leaves can reach 10ft across.

Flowers/Fruits: During late spring Bismark Palm produces small fragrant flowers. The Bismarck Palm is dioecious, male and female flowers are on different plants. Cream flowers grow in clusters on 3ft long stalks which gets bent downwards by the fruit weight. Beautiful flowers are followed by not-eatable blue fruits. Fruits are oblong and 1/2 – 1 inch in diameter.

Growth Rate: Domestic Bismarck Palm can grow up to 30-40ft tall and 20ft wide, but in the wild it can reach 70ft. It is a fast growing palm that can grow from 3ft to 15 ft tall in 5 years.

Outdoor/Indoor Use: Both.

Cold Tolerance: The Bismarck Palm is very cold hardy and can tolerate cold down to 15F  when mature enough. Great for zones 8b (15 to 20 F) – 11 (above 40 F).

 Bismarck Palm Tree   Bismarckia nobilisThere is a great book, written by David A. Francko that I really like, it’s called “Palms Won’t Grow Here and Other Myths: Warm-Climate Plants for Cooler Areas”. It goes into the details on how you can grow cold hardy palms in zones 7, 6 and even 5. This is the perfect foundation book for the gardener who would like to see a banana next to his cherry tree and a palm between his maples. It got great reviews and 5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

Light Req: Partial shade to Full sun. Adapts to many kinds of soil and likes full sun. If you don’t have sunny spot, don’t worry it will tolerate some shade.

Water Req: Moderate.

Maintenance: Low. It’s a great tree for gardeners who want low maintenance palm tree. Apply good quality palm fertilizer that has continues release formula twice a year during growing season.

Insects and Diseases: You are not going to get any serious problems with this palm tree.

Propagation: Propagated by seeds.

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For more Bismark Palm photos click here Bismarck Palm Pictures.

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35 Responses to “Bismarck Palm Tree – Bismarckia nobilis”

  1. I have a Silver Bismarck Palm about 15' tall. It's a beatiful palm but it needs to be moved. I'm told it has a tap root and it will die. Is it possible to move it without killing it?

  2. Hi John,

    By every and all accounts, I have come to find out that this palm does NOT like to be transplanted. Every web reference mentions it, and from first hand experience I can tell you that I transplanted a beautifil Bismarck about the same height that you are talking about, and it immediately went into shock, and died within months. At that size, the root system is fairly well established, and the shock of cutting, chopping, and digging isn’t tolerated well by this palm. I regret the attempt, and should have left the absolutely gorgeous palm where it was.

  3. Hi John,

    It is a very big palm tree, so the chances it will die after transplanting are higher. If you are determine, here is what you need to do. Start by doing a root pruning of your palm. To do that, you need to dig around the tree a little farther than the drip line. While digging around, you’ll be cutting the roots with your shovel. Root pruning will encourage the growth of new feeder roots along the root ball. Expose the roots. Don’t forget to support your palm with sticks. Keep watering it. You palm will go into little shock after root pruning. You don’t want to add more stress by transplanting it the same day. Give it some time to recover. Just let it sit like this, with the roots exposed, for a month or so before transplanting. Hope this helps. Susan.

  4. Dear Susan;
    If I use the transplant and anti=shock planting solution by MG, will this help or hurt palms, Bismark .

  5. I have a 10′ – 12′ Silver Bismarck Palm, I have to build a driveway around it. How far from the base should I go not to hurt the palm or damage the driveway in the future.
    Thank you,

  6. I have a silver bismark. The base of the leaf limbs are splitting and the leaves are turning a grayish brown. Does this indicate some type of fungus or disease? Thank you for any assistance.

  7. Hi Brad. It could be a fungus. It is hard to tell from a distance. If it is a fungus, spray it with liquid cooper fungicide. ~Susan Brian

  8. Our bismarch tree has some type of boring beetle, which is black and red. There is sap oozing out of the tree. What can be do to eliminate the boring beetle?

  9. My Bismarck Tree did real well for the first two years and was the pride of my backyard. Last summer the leaf stems became dwarfed and stunted. The leaves themselves were also somewhat smaller too. The leaves were crowded comming out from the base. Could it be too much rainfall? I live in Florida and I noticed it began happening shortly after weeks of constant rain. The only other thing I can think of is migration of the ‘weed-n-feed’ lawn fertilizer spread about 10′ away.
    Any thoughts?

  10. Hi Carl. How about cold damage? ~Susan Brian

  11. Susan Brian,
    Actually, the stunted growth was first notice about the middle of summer. We really didn’t have too bad of winter this year. I’ve my fingers crossed that it was just one season of confused growth.

  12. Hi Carl. It sound like nutrient deficiency. Heavy rains can was away all the fertilizer leaving your palm without important nutrients. Use slow release fertilizer and give the palms few month to recover. Susan Brian

  13. Large bismarkia palm again sprouting seedlings from under many palm connections to root. They seem to deteriate the palm they are growing out from under. How is best way to remove these large seedlings, or are you nor to remove them? Each year or so they return in new area. The tree is like 10 yrs old very large (15-18 ft tall) I would not want to harm it.

  14. I have large bismark palm about 5 yr old it is dropping its frons. I have not seen this before and I have bismarks for at least 15 years. The frons are perfectly green with their natural colar but the frons simply detach themselves from the trunk. Can you give me some insight as to what may be happening. Is it some type of disease or other problem?

  15. Where can I buy silver bismarck palm.I am from Brazil and I would like to plant this kind of tree in my house.

  16. Hi all, I am so worried about our beautiful 8 year old bismarckia that in just one week has begun to show graying and withering of the fronds.

    It’s stopped sprouting the lead frond. It’s getting plenty of water, and is direct sunlight, but the branches are sagging, the fronds are curling up and I am afraid it’s going to die very quickly.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  17. Do you know why the bismark palm is called that, that is, “Bismark”?

  18. I have a 15 foot bismark that is about 7 years old . It is my showpiece in the front yard. I have noticed that the fronds are splitting at the trunk up the frond about 8″ and are turning brown. These are quite large fronds but this has not happened at all before. I do trim the older ones as they turn brown with a chain saw at the trunk but the fronds did not have this split up the length before. It is like the base of the frond makes a Y with the stalk of the frond. I see this even on the newer fronds that are not mature yet. What is going on ??

  19. Please tell me about the root,our is so shaky,it seem the roots are very short.what should we do?

  20. My Bismarkia palm is over 15 feet tall and sits in a sunny spot with lots of room to grow in Central Florida. I purchased it this past March; while there is good production of fronds the growth is upward and I would like to see some of the fronds grow out instead of up to get a fuller tree. Any suggestions?

  21. on the “Average”;how many :What Percentage,of palm NUTS Germinate;Per Tree ? Naturally ! Thnx : Joe

  22. We have a small bismark palm that was planted last March. It is looking wilted and some of the fronds are turning yellos/brown. Do you have any suggestions/solutions?

  23. Have a Bismark which is 20 + ft tall first year to have lots of fruit which is 2 inches in diameter long and about 1 1/2 wide. What is the fruit usefulness? Saw a show on TV where they were harvesting in Central America , don’t remember why

  24. Have the same problem as Dick Jordan. Thought it happenned during lack of moisture. Stopped shooting main frond. Lead frond didn’t grow huge, leafed out small and turned brown. Thought it was water problem and soaked a couple of times. Planted at the end of our ceptic system and has grown fabulous over last 13 years-20 feet. Has some black on trunk but always has been like that some.

  25. Hi there,
    Are the seeds of the bismarckia palm toxic/ irritable to dogs if eaten?

  26. I live in Northern Wisconsin and recently visited my Coast Guard son in Florida. I fell in love with a neighbor’s Bismark Fan Palm and want to know if I’d be able to keep one indoor in a pot during the winter, yet move the pot outdoors in the summer. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

  27. Have 3 bismark palms on my property. .They are 5 to 6 years old. Seemed very healthy for the first 5 years. 1 of the palms had a plethora of nuts and the other 2 did not have any fruit. Just brown stems. Looked like dark deer antlers.The new sprouts at top of 2 of the trees are producing brown or dying leafs. The other tree is beautiful and silvery in color. I am afraid I am going to lose 2 of the trees. Is there anything that can be done to save them.

  28. We have a bismarck (we planted 1 year ago) it is approx. 5′ tall.. It has a 2 1/2′ “sucker” coming out of the root, do we “dare” trim ot off, or leave it alone ???? We would be SICK if we damaged our new tree !!!! Any help would be appreciated.. Thank You

  29. I have two Bismark planted in front of my recently purchased homet but they have grown so tall that are nearly making contact with the city’s high power electric wires. I can call the city to prune the top (which they will charge me) but have been told it can kill the palm. So, what should I do? ..Dame if I do, or dame if I don’t. Adam

  30. Help, I have a beautiful 8 year old bismarckia palm and I just noticed black soot like substance all over the tree frons.
    What should I do? Thanks

  31. how to fix white mildew on bismarkie palm. will it kill the tree

  32. What do you do with the grape like vines on the bismark tree? I have been told they make a mess and produce bees.

  33. i had transplanted bismark around 6 months back….it lost all of it’s open( mature) leaves while unopen leaves have been green uptil now…one leaf opened 2 months back and died….now the new unopened leaves increased in length and now out of 2 unopen leaves one leaf is once again opening…what do u think this transplant is successfull???

  34. Do I have to keep grass clear from around bottom of Bismark palm?

  35. Anyone know how to start from seed?
    They look kinda like pecans smooth outer shell.
    Do I crack open and soak? I have some small pots and good soil? I would like to start from seed, but not sure how? Thanks for suggestions.

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