How To Grow Macaw Palm Tree (Aiphanes minima)

The Macaw Palm Tree, scientific name Aiphanes minima, is native to insular Caribbean from Hispaniola to Grenada. This palm is very spiny with single brown trunk and arching feathery fronds. This palm should be grown … Read more

Wyoming Palm Trees

Wyoming is too cold to grow palm trees. Wyoming has a semi-arid and continental climate that is mostly determined by its altitude, latitude,  and local topography. When combined together, these elements have a lot to … Read more

Wisconsin Palm Trees

Wisconsin is too cold to grow palm trees. Wisconsin has a continental climate with warm summers and very cold winters. It is influenced by Lakes Michigan and Superior. The average temperature in July ranges from … Read more

West Virginia Palm Trees

It is very difficult to grow palm trees in West Virginia without creating a microclimate. West Virginia has is a humid continental climate with some areas located in a humid subtropical climate. The summers are … Read more

Washington Palm Trees

You can grow palm trees in the warm areas of Washington state. Washington has a mild climate with western region located in an oceanic climate and eastern region located more in a continental climate. The … Read more

Virginia Palm Trees

There are some cold hardy palm trees that will grow in Virginia. Virginia has a mild humid coastal climate with hot humid summers and cold snowy winters. The average July temperature is about 78°F (26°C) … Read more