Minnesota Palm Trees

State of Minnesota is too cold for palm trees. Minnesota has a continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. Summer ranges from hot and humid to warm and less humid with July average temperatures 61°F (16°C) and 76°F (24°C) depending on the location. January temperatures range between 3 °F(−16°C) and 18°F (−8°C). The warmest temperature ever recorded was 114°F (46°C) and the lowest was –60°F (–51°C).

This state gets around 30–40 thunderstorm days and around 24 tornadoes per year. Minnesota gets a lot of snow every year.  Snowfalls range from 30 in (76 cm) to 70 in (178 cm). Minnesota is also threatened by blizzards that happen on average twice each winter. Minnesota USDA hardiness zones range from 3a to 5a.

Minnesota USDA Zones

Growing Palm Trees in Minnesota

Since Minnesota is too cold enough for growing palm trees, I would recommend growing palm trees indoors in the container and take them outside during summer. That way you will have palm trees in your garden for a few months out of a year. Some great indoor palms are:

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Major Cities in Minnesota

Bloomington – Hardiness Zone 4a
Duluth – Hardiness Zone 4a
Mankato – Hardiness Zone 4b
Minneapolis – Hardiness Zone 4a
Rochester – Hardiness Zone 3b
Saint Cloud – Hardiness Zone 3b
Saint Paul – Hardiness Zone 4b

~Susan Brian

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