Quick Way to Protect Palm Trees from Cold

For many years scientists have been trying to come up with an anti-freeze solution that would protect palm trees from cold without damaging them.

Recently, researchers from the University of Alabama and Miami University had a scientific breakthrough. Dr. David Francko and his team have developed a revolutionary antifreeze solution called FreezePruf.

The FreezePruf is an eco-safe spray that improves natural cold tolerance of the plant by about 2 – 9F. Its unique formula protects plant externally and internally by enhancing plant’s natural “anti-freeze” like property and ability to survive ice crystal damage. It’s as though FreezePruf moves your plants 200 miles south which is equivalent of about 1/2 of a USDA zone.

Is FreezePruf safe?

Yes. It is eco-friendly, biodegradable produce. It will not harm humans, animals or the environment. It will not damage your plant. It can be safely used on ornamentals, fruit trees and vegetable plants.

How it works

The FreezePruf unique formula is a combination of five different ingredients which have a synergistic effect that exceeds the sum of what they would do individually. Here is what these ingredients do:

  • Strenghtens cell walls of the plant
  • Lower the freezing point of both extracellular and intracellular compartments in plant tissue by dehydrating them
  • Enhances leaf absorption helping the solution to penetrate leaves
  • Prevents the solution from washing away by rain and snow
  • Enhances natural “anti-freeze” like property of the plant

How to apply

The FreezePruf is very easy to use. Apply liberally to the entire palm or tropical plant 8-12 hours before the anticipated freeze. The best temperature for application is above 50F. These protection is guaranteed to last up to 4 weeks.

I personally apply it seasonally in the late fall and early spring, because I want to be absolutely sure I’ve done everything I could to protect my palm trees from cold weather. Do not forget to reapply very 4 weeks, in the case of heavy precipitation and as new growth appears.

Where to buy

I have not seen this product in stores, so I order my online from trusted web sites like Amazon. I personally like Amazon because it is a safe site, has lowest prices, tax free and offers free delivery.

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~ Susan Brian

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