How to Save a Dying Palm Tree

dying palm tree 236x300 How to Save a Dying Palm Tree

Is your palm tree dying and you don’t know what to do? This article will help you save your palm. Before getting to the saving part, you need to figure out why your palm tree is dying.

There are a lot of reasons why your palm might not be feeling  so well. It could be day-to-day palm tree care, climate, disease, insects or some kind of injury. Most people skip the “why” part and start with saving. They prune all the dead and dying leaves, add some fertilizer to the soil and start watering more often. If that doesn’t work, they transplant the palm to a new container with better soil. All of the above things create more stress for the palm and might weaken it even more.

Newly planted palms can suffer from a lot more things comparing to the established palms. It is very difficult to diagnose a problem at a distance, but it’s most likely one of the common causes.

Palm Tree Care Problems


First sign of over-watering is yellow or brown leaves that fall off before drying. Palms like moist but well drained soil. Just add 30% sand to the soil to provide a good drainage. Palms need to be watered more in the summer, during their growth season, and less in the winter.

Not enough water

Tips of the leaves will dry and start turning brown. Check the moist level of the soil the next day after watering. I use an electronic soil moister meter How to Save a Dying Palm Tree.  It provides accurate, easy to read results. If it shows you that soil is too dry, you need to water more often. For more information and watering tips read my article on Palm Tree Watering.

Low quality fertilizer

Providing palm with all the necessary nutrients, insures a healthy growth and development of the tree. Palms that don’t get enough nutrients are more susceptible to diseases.  Fertilize palms only during growth period 4-5 times a year. Avoid using cheap low quality fertilizers because they simply don’t work. You need a high quality fertilizer that has a slow release formula and won’t be washed away after few rains. Fore more information read my article on Fertilizing Palm Trees.

Fertilizer Burn

Palm trunk can be easily burn with fertilizer if you apply it too close. Keep 2 ft distance. You can also burn the roots if you use soil with mixed in fertilizer. Once the palm is damaged, it is more susceptible to diseases, fungi and insects. Protect it by spraying with Copper Fungicide which works very well against fungi and bacterial. If the damage is not sever, it should recover.

Bad Soil

This is probably more applicable to newly planted palms. If you had this palm for a while and it’s been doing fine, it’s probably not the soil. Good soil should absorb enough moister and have an excellent drainage. Soil with bad drainage can damage the roots. Palms like moist and well drained soil.  Avoid using soil mixed in with the fertilizer, since it might burn the roots.


I lot of gardeners start pruning their palms as soon as they see one brown tip. Over-pruning is a very common problem. Everybody wants to have a perfectly green palm without any sign of brown leaves. Palms move nutrients from dying leaves to the new growth. Cutting it off will result in nutrient loss.  Don’t cut leaves until they are completely dry. Pruning tips on some of the palms will stop the new growth on that frond. I found few articles online that recommend cutting brown tips to save palms from wasting nutrients on the dying fronds. Big mistake! If your palm tree has a rooster tail look, you over-pruned it.

Hurricane pruning

Some professionals (who probably don’t have enough work) will tell you to prune your palm before hurricane season to remove the extra weight. Please don’t do it. Your palm needs all the protection from the wind it can get. Removing a lot of green fronds will put the palm under stress. If you know that hurricane is coming, it is better to tie the fronds together.

Planting too deep

This problem is more applicable to the new planted palms. When planting, make sure the palm is at the same depth level it was grown before. Planting it too deep causes nutrients and water deprivation. The palm will appear sparse and thin on top. If you did plant it too deep, you need to replant it. If you can’t replant, take some soil off the top. For planting instructions read my article on Palm Tree Planting.

Environmental Problems

Not Enough Sunlight

If your palm needs more light, the leave will start turning brown. Established palm, that was growing in the shade for some time, has been already properly acclimatized and will not require more light. This is more applicable to the newly planted palms. Check palm specifications for light requirements.


Some palms need full sun in order to grow to their full potential.  But you have to be careful when planting a young tree in the full sun because it can easily get a sunburn. Palm leaves will turn yellow and start to look colorless in some areas. To avoid sunburn, it needs to be acclimatized first. There are few ways to do it. If it is a new palm, it is probably in the pot. Place the pot outside in the shady spot and keep increasing light levels every week by moving the pot closer to the sunny spot. Another way is to plant the palm in full sun and place a plastic cover above it. You can use 4 sticks to hold the plastic. Each week increase light levels by creating more holes in the plastic.

Wrong climate

Important factor for successful palm tree development is how much cold weather your palm will get during winter. Always check the cold hardiness zone before buying a palm tree. Not all palms can tolerate cold temperatures. If you leave in the cold climate, get one of the cold hardy palms. Most palms like high humidity, which makes it challenging to grow in dry conditions. Check palm requirement and drought tolerance before buying a palm if you leave in dry climate.

Cold Damage

In the last couple of years, the winters have been very cold. Even in the warm climates like Florida the temperatures dropped below the freezing point damaging a lot of palm trees. Some evidence of the cold damage might be palm wilting, crown flopping over due to internal trunk rot, soft lesions on outside of the trunk, new emerged leaves falling down around the trunk. Cold-damaged palm trees can become vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections. To protect them from bacteria and fungi spray it with Bonide Products Copper Fungicide. Sometimes, the damage  is so sever, there is nothing you can do to save it. If you are expecting freezing temperatures, protect your palm in advance by spraying it with Freeze Pruf. Here is my article on How to Save Cold Damaged Palm Tree.


If your palm is water stressed, you will notice the tips of the leaves will start turning brown.  Provide your palm with more water, but don’t over-water. Deep watering woks the best. Don’t fertilize. Mist the fronds with water in the evening after the sunset. For deep-watering instructions read my Watering Palm Trees article.


Transplanting and Transporting

The bark of the palm can be easily damaged leaving the tree vulnerable to insects and fungus. If you don’t notice the damage right away, it is a hard thing to diagnose. Be careful when transporting the palm. Between purchase and planting, make sure that the root ball is kept moist, but not soaking. Try to plant your tree shortly after purchase. If your palm comes in a plastic pot, don’t pull the palm tree out of it. Make sure that soil is dry and cut the plastic pot with a knife or scissors.


There have been some cases when the palm gets strike by lightening. Leaves will turn brown and start to wilt. Don’t fertilize it. Keep watering. Lightening damaged palm can become vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections. To protect it from bacteria and fungi spray with Bonide Products Copper Fungicide. If the bud of the palm was severely damaged, the palm will not survive.

Nutrient Deficiency

Potassium Deficiency

If the palm leaves have small yellow, orange or bronze spots that cover almost entire blade, it is a sign of potassium deficiency. Get some slow release potassium fertilizer and also similar magnesium fertilizer to avoid imbalance in the soil. More on potassium deficiency.

Calcium Deficiency

The leaves might appear to be stunted and deformed if there is a calcium deficiency. This problem is easily corrected with Calcium Nitrate. How to Save a Dying Palm Tree

Magnesium Deficiency

Leaves could have yellow bands that run along the borders of the leaves if there is a magnesium deficiency. Use magnesium fertilizer spikes to correct the problem. More on magnesium deficiency.

Iron Deficiency

The sign of iron deficiency is leaves with thin green veins, green spotting and broken ends. This problem might be triggered by waterlogging because the palm was planted too deep. You can correct this problem temporary by applying iron fertilizer. To solve this problem permanently, you need to replant the palm. More on iron deficiency.

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84 Responses to “How to Save a Dying Palm Tree”

  1. Dear Palm tree lovers,
    I would kindly like to ask you an important question about saving a dying indoor palm tree Areca (almost 28 years old). Since my parents has treated really badly this palm tree (no care, placement in a very dark room, insufficient care), I would like to save this beautiful plant. The leaves are almost completely brown but at the top she has new green leaves emerging. It is maybe possible to cut the plant on some point, and start a new grow with the healthy leaves? is there any way to save the entire plant?
    I would be very grateful if you could replay with any idea on the email written before.
    Thank you and best regards,

  2. Hi Ira. To save this palm, make sure it is getting enough light and has moist but well drained soil. Do not cut brown leaves until they are completely dry. Fertilize after you see few new fronds growing at the top. ~Susan Brian

  3. my christmas tree palm has 3 holes in it at the top the size of your fist, that go down about 12 inches, is it going to die? its 7 yrs old and still looks good?????????what can i do and what is thye cause? at one point i used a pesticide oil that was eco safe and i found another hole?


  4. Hi Alan. Could it be a woodpecker? If it is, spray it with woodpecker repellent. ~Susan Brian

  5. the best way to plant a hurrican cut florida sabal in bb wrap so it will surrive in mid march

  6. My friend planted his palm 2 years ago. Last year it was beautiful but a woodpecker has make a hole at the top. Its about 10 feet high, no leaves and the trunk is brown down to about knee level. If he cuts the tree at knee level will it grow back, or is it dead? (Some trees can) We also had a very icy winter. I appreciate your answer since we pretty much have only pecan cypress and oak trees here. I was such a prettty tree. Oh what can he do to stop the woodpecker WITHOUT killing it? It is blue like a bluejay, not red headed
    Thank you so much
    Dawn (Cajun) Comeaux

  7. Hi Dawn. The most important part of the palm is its bud. If you cut half of the palm it will not grow back, your palm will die. To get rid of woodpecker spray the tree with woodpecker repellent spray. You can easily buy it online. ~ Susan Brian

  8. My majestic palms took a beating this winter (cold weather) and now they need trimmed badly. I have stalkes that have died (no leaves left), how can I remove them without killing the rest of the stalk’s?

  9. Hi AJ. You can trim the dead stalks. Just don’t trim all of them at one time. Removing too much might cause a shock for your palm. Keep watering it. Apply liquid Copper Fungicide to prevent fungus. Susan Brian

  10. I just planted 3 Mexican Fan Palms, they don’t seem to be doing well, I have had 3 fronds fall over on one and the other two have at least one each falling over. Any ideas of what might be wrong and what I should try. I live in Southern Utah with a mostly clay type soil. Thanks for any help.

  11. S.O.S. PLEASE. A friend of ours has a palm that he got from his father who has now pasted on. It is in very bad shape and my husband told him I could nurse it back to health, since it is so important to Sam. Except I know nothing about palms. We dont know what kind it is and about half of the trunk has went limp and bent over. However it does have new growth at the soil. There is also green leaves at the top of the tree. The tree is about 2 1/2 foot if it wasn,t bent over. What do I need to do to help it?? Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

  12. I put miracle grow on what I think is a robellini? palm and the leaves are turning brown and drooping? Is it dying and can I save it?

  13. Hi Martin. The Mexican fan palm (Washingtonia robusta) typically goes into shock when transplanted.
    The front third of each frond turns brown and droops. However, within 2 to 3 months it will have recovered and will start looking good and healthy.
    You will however have to change the soil to ‘sandy’ as the palm requires good drainage. Clay is not advisable.

  14. We have two Chinese Fan Palms that have thrived in our South Florida yard for at least 12 years. Recently I have noticed that the new shoots from the centers are coming out already brown. What is going on with our palms?

  15. Our outer fronds are tan/brown and the inner shoots are light green. It is a medjool date palm, and we live in Houston. Soil has a lot of clay; however, we added spanghum moss to soil when planting.

  16. i bought a date palm tree two months ago..and planted it…the gardener said it would grow new leaves…but its all leaves TURNED YELLOW…now please tellme what to i should save it…i did the mistake of putting ferterlizer under the roots…please help me….so that it should regrow…i bought it too costly…please help

  17. Hi Zunair. Fertilizer under the roots is a big no-no. Don’t trim brown leaves until they are completely dry. Keep watering it. It is probably in shock and needs some time to recover. ~Susan Brian

  18. We have a Silver Bismarck tree that is about 10 years old. It has recently been losing its leaves and has a sticky substance dripping down its trunk which has a terrible smell. Please advise if you know how to take care of this problem

  19. Hi I have a dying palm tree that is in a pot. It was moved a short distance about three months ago and has not produced a frond since. Of course I have watered and trimmed off too many fronds and now it looks like a rooster tail. I can still see green in the rooster tail but no new growth. Tree is about 10 to 12 years old about 4 feet tall. it is in about 2ft of soil. Has it outgrown the pot or in shock from move?

  20. Hi Joel. Your palm have been in the pot for too long. Palms should be transplanted into the ground after few years. Also, the palm is in shock. Give it some time. Was it transplanted from a smaller pot? ~Susan Brian

  21. Hello Susan, I have 2 foxtail palms planted at same time (about 2 yrs ago) in same area. They were both doing great until a few months ago when one started getting brown tips and then whole fronds are brown & dead quickly. It is getting a new frond which is taking a very long time to open and is showing brown at tips. It has been getting plenty of water and has been recently fertilized. It does get pretty much full sun (SW FL) but was not bothered by it before. It really looks like it is dying…any help would be appreciated.

  22. Hi Susan. I made the mistake of taking my indoor palm plant outdoors to get a little sun, before it was used to any sun at all. It was only out for a bit, but the leaves are bleached and the bottom ones look a bit brown. It still looks perky and there is a new leaf beginning. Is there anything I should do(besides not taking it outdoors again) to be sure it will survive and be green and healthy looking again? I hope it’s not dying.

  23. Hi Leone. I don’t think it will die. It just didn’t like so much sun light at once. Next time if you want to take it outside, place it in a shady spot first. You can expose it to a little more sun every week. The new growth is an indicator that your palm is doing fine. If it is only few fronds that are bleached, you can trim them to keep the nice appearance of the palm. Susan Brian

  24. I have a dying Foxtail. Last year it was thriving. I thought the cold last winter (Palm Beach County) stunned it, and hoped for a good growing season. Over the summer it appeared to be doing better then for some reason the palm fronds are not starting out as spikes. They are opening at the heart and growing out. No way to upload pictures. I tried using 1/2 cup borax to 5 gallons of water spread around the canopy. No help so far. Help, I love this palm. Gift from friend.

  25. We just bought a house with a Sylvester Date Palm. I was trimming a few branches today and the old cut off ends from previous trimmings came right off. There are what look like beetles in the tree. The bottom cut of ends are firmly attached. The tree appears to be healthy otherwise. It is about 18 feet tall bears fruit etc. Any advice?


  26. Hi Johh. Any damage to the trunk can lead to fungus and diseases. Definitely get rid of them. Susan Brian

  27. Hi, I have an indoor palm that I recently repotted with Miracle Grow potting soil, after reading the articles on the website I now realize using the soil was a mistake.I went from having about thirty leaves to two. I have now taken the plant out of the dirt and placed it in water. I’m not sure if that was the right thing to do. What kind of soil is good for palms other than 30% sand. Can I add sand to any kind of soil and should there be anything else added.

  28. Hi, I have a palm tree which is now about 18ft high, and last year I built a deck around it. A couple of months ago it started shooting new branches out of the trunk about 5 to 6ft up – which I removed as it would have made it a very odd shape. I noticed last week that the top was looking quite brown, and today found one chunk of the tree, with a mixture of brown and green leaves, laying on the ground below it. Could it be that it’s dryed out because of the decking around it? There are gaps in the deck, so I’d be very surprised if it didn’t have water. Plus we’ve had quite a wet year here in the UK. Should I climb up and remove any loose leaves, or just leave it as it is?
    Looking forward to your advice!
    Kind regards,
    P. Bunting, Southampton, UK.

  29. Hi Pete. It is so hard to give advice without seeing the tree. Palm trees are very sensitive to everything. It might be that you trimmed too many leaves or it is getting not enough water. Definitely don’t trim any more leaves. Do you apply a fertilizer? If not, now would be a good time before the winter starts. Susan Brian

  30. Hi Susan,
    Just wanted to know if I could cut my windmill palm down to the ground and would it come back. I have 2 palms in the front yard one on oneside of house and the other on otherside. One is much taller than the other and it is about to pass the gutter on the house and gets in the way. I want them to be about half there size. Any ideas.

  31. Hi Libby. If you cut the bud of the palm, it will die. Palms are not like other trees, they can’t grow them from putting a leaf in a water. I would recommend carefully transplanting them into a different spot. Susan Brian

  32. Poor palm. I would recommend planting it asap. Palm are not like regular plants, they can just sit in water. After getting exposed to air, they lose a lot of their roots. Get any fast draining soil and mix it with some sand. Plant it as soon as you can. Don’t fertilize it until it grows new roots.

  33. Hello Susan thank you for answering so many questions I’m learning quite a bit. Ok now for mine. My parents have this palm tree about 12ft tall now that’s always lived in a pot. It’s gets transferred indoors in the winter and during waving wind storms. The last hurricane that came thru they bring it inside and hit the top on the deck and it fell off. Is the tree going to die or will it grow a new top?

  34. Hi Shawn. The most important part of the palm is its bud. Once the bud is gone the tree will die. Check to see if the bud is still there. Its the very middle of the tree where the new growth is coming from. Susan Brian

  35. Hi there would you please let me know if you have and tips . I have a foxtail palm tree and the base of the palm seems to being eaten. the foxtail looks very healthy everywhere else just looks like it could become very week at the base of the trunk where it meets the bark and soil.

  36. Hi Dillon. Holes in the bark can lead to fungus and bacterial infection. The problem is that palms cannot heal themselves like deciduous trees. So, any damage to the trunk will stay forever. Most experts recommend leaving the damage open and exposed to sun and fresh air to dry the damaged area. I would spray it with Copper Fungicide to prevent infection. Also, watch out for the ants, they might want to move in. After the wound is dry, you can seal it with Wound Sealer to prevent other problems. Susan Brian

  37. i have two mexican fan palm trees, four & half years is dying, all the leaves & branches are brown.they twelve feet tall. i cut all brown off even the one that was coming out from the center. i’m using some palm fertilizer i bought at lowes & watering. i leave five minutes outside of san antonio,tx. which we had the worst drought in fifthy years!
    Please!!!! can someone help me save my palm tree & pal?

  38. Hi Roberto. I would not recommend fertilizing it at this point. Fertilizer will stress the palm even more. You need to try and figure out what caused it. Is the other palm doing ok? It might be a fungus or bacterial infection. Don’t cut healthy new born fronds. I would spray the tree with Copper Fungicide to prevent infection. Susan Brian

  39. Aloha, I live in Maui Hawaii & need help with a palm. I have a 5 foot high Fox Tail Palm the has just been transplanted from the ground to a large pot. I I used fertilizer, and plenty palm tree food/nutrient pellets. I think I may have over watered it. The fertilizer is still wet after 4 days, and 3 of the 5 branches have totally turned brown & crispy. What are the signs of over watering, or over nutrients from plant pellets. I think, I may be killing it. Please help.

  40. Hi Susan.I already applied the fertilzer because that’s what the manager from lawn & garden at lowe’s suggested to me. How do you find out what caused it? the other palm is doing great. I have a palm a spiral juniper in the center and then another palm in a landscape island. The juniper is turning brown on one side. I was thinking it was from the sun and heat this summer plus no rain all summer. I have river rock in all the island so needless to say it hard to retrive the fertilizer. All the fronds are brown even the new born ones. Where can I buy some “Copper Fungicide”? Thank You for your help. Roberto

  41. Hi Jake. After translating, palm trees experience a transplant shock. But this problem can also be caused if you burn the roots of the palm with the fertilizer. Have you mixed it with the soil? ~Susan Brian

  42. Hello. I live in southern California and I’m trying to save my palm trees that are brown and look dead. How can I revive them? I think I over pruned them, and put the Palm food pebbles too close to the trunk and caused the roots to burn. I tried fixing the problem by watering the palms more, and putting Palm Steaks into the ground as the directions told me to and I still do not see any healing to my palm trees.

    How do I revive my palm trees? We are trying to sell our house, and I am desperate to get my Palm trees healed. Any help would be much appreciated. I was lucky to find such an informative site on Palm trees as yours after searching for info on this issue for a few days. Thanks for your time.

    -Daniel Strong

  43. I have a fox tail that has dark green lush fronds, but they are all drooping. The new shoots are coming out, but over the last 3-4 months, the new shoots are starting to look droopy as well.
    The fox tail is in a bedding area (25′x10′) where there are 3 other healthy fox tails along with a healthy spindle.
    The fox is about 3 years old and 8-10′ tall.
    The base of the trunk looks like it is splitting.
    Is there anything I can do to help save my fox?
    Is the Fox infected and potentially a risk to my other palms?
    Can you email me the response too?

    Help please.

    Thanks, Bob

  44. Hi Susan!” The Owner of the house we rent has 3 PDPalms in the back. The Tallest one I mistakenly pruned 2 years ago, I didn’t know much about them then like I do now. Their planted like in a trio. The Tallest one fronds keep dying when they start to get lower and then I cut it off, I mabey helping it but then it looks too short.” They have never been ferterlized IDK how to ferterlize.” Why does this keep happening? There planted in sand that’s erased the rubber mulch. I’m just leaving the dead ones on.” I’ve lost the battle.” Please get back to me when you get a chance.”
    Thank You,
    -Noah :)

  45. Hi Susan:
    Have a Windmill Palm tree that was planted in March 2011 in a new landscape. Over the last 3 months the leaves have started to turn yellow and started to droup. It now has a white scale substance on the trunk and on the leaves. Can you give me an idea of what is happening to the tree and what I can do to fix it. I’ve been fertizing the tree with a palm tree fertilizer about every other month up to the end of September. I live in Zone 7, Brunswick, NC about 12 miles from the coast. Thanks for your help.


  46. I am new to Tampa Florida. Just noticed my cabbage palm has “dirt” tubes underneath a lot of the leaves. It’s like a wormy path, and its killing the leaves. What do i do? What is this?

  47. Hi Bob. It is not unusual for the palm tree to go into shock after being transplanted due to the fact that it looses a lot of its old roots. I takes a while for the new roots to develop. Since they have only few roots left to provide them with water, palms needs to be watered a lot after transplanting. I think your palm was in shock and before it could recovered and establish, scale moved in. Fertilizing is the last thing you want to do. Fertilizer will not help against scale. You should use Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap to get rid of them. ~Susan Brian

  48. Hi, I have a Pindo palm and I cut back the brown leaves on all of the fronds. I didn’t know I was not supposed to. Now all of the fronds are drying up and even the new ones that were growing. What can I do to save my palm tree? Should I just leave it alone and do nothing or should I water it more or fertilize it? Help!!! I have it indoors for now because it is cold where I live.

  49. Hi, i just had 6 phoenix sylvestris planted about a month ago and two of them are turning like a grey color. What do i do?

  50. Hi, my sylvester date palm is dying and i don’t know why. The frongs are browning and grey and wilting. Can you help me?

  51. Hi Maureen. In order to help you, I’ll need to know a little more. How old is your palm? Is it getting enough water? Is it growing outside? ~Susan Brian.

  52. Hi, I have a fishtail palm that was growing quite well . I transplanted it and now all the leaves are brown. Is there anything I could do to save it?

  53. I live near Auburn Al., had two palm trees planted in sand about two monts ago. the shorter one about 10′ doing well. The taller one about 12′ I believe is dying. It started to produce a small fan the green color became light green. I also notice that it was leaking fluid about half way up the trunk.

  54. I have 2 large palms that are dying.. You can pull the new stock out of the top and there is no new growth?

  55. Dear Susan, about 2 months ago we have transplanted the palm tree to the corner of the courtyard due to some remodeling of the property, and our palm definitely feels bad in the new place. When transplanting the tree was turned the opposite, and now it looks to the north, not to south as others. Should we replant the tree? It looks like it is stressed, it dropped the main fronds and those few that remained turned brown at the ends. We keep watering the tree every day. What should we do? Thank you in advance for your advise

  56. I have new palms I recently planted in a pot with palm tree soil by miracle grow. It has been almost a month and my leaves a bending in the middle and drooping. The branch itself is also drooping alittle. Someone please help me. :(

  57. Hi Michelle. Do you know what kind of palm tree it is? It might not like to grow indoors. Do you take it out? Palms like high humidity levels making it very difficult to grow indoors. ~Susan Brian

  58. Dear Susan ,
    I live in Ramona, Ca.

    We’re planted 2 Canary palm trees. 8 feet tall. Less then a year ago.

    The soil mostly granite .

    When we’re dag a hole, and add water, it took some time to soak it up.

    One is palm doing very well. Second is a concern. It seems not growing.

    Yellow leaves , dull, with off tips.

    Should we’re dig it out and replanted? If I over watered, anything I can do?

    Any way I can show you a picture?

    Thank you very much.

    We’re got a fertilizer but I thinking maybe just leave it alone?

  59. Hi Susan, wonderful information here, thank you! I have just had some Areca palms trimmed by a tree person, basically removed one or two trunks from each tree which were overhanging the pool cage. now I have had lots of brown and dying fronds fall in the last week- perhaps 20 from five trees. Is this normal or should I beworried? To be honest I was only expecting them to trim the fronds, not the trunks, but they are the professionals. The trees were fine before and have regular water and fertilizer. Thanks in advance

  60. We have a large palm tree in our garden that is about 12 years old. We recently trimmed the dead leaves off it and not all the leaves have died. Is there anyway of saving it. It is about 18′ high so no way of getting to the top.

  61. my palm trees crown is growing out the side instead of the top where it should be (not looking too healthy) how can i save it what to do. my lawn guy said if he cuts off the one half brown frawn (which is actually the crown it will die .please advise HELP mike dowhunyk thank you

  62. Hi. I have a palm plant indoors and I’ve overwatered it as I was going away and was worried it was going to dry out. I’ve read through your advice but I’d already made the mistake of pulling off the yellowing leaves. I’m not sure on the type of palm. It’s about 4ft tall and the leaves are singular and not fan shaped.
    There is one main trunk about 2.5 ft high that then splits into 4 long stems. The 2 smaller stems are collapsing and look like they’re drying up or rotting.
    Have I killed this beautiful palm?

  63. I saw where you use woodpecker repellent to keep them away but do you do anything for the hole damage? It is leaking sticky fluids and doesn’t seem to want to stop.

  64. Hi, i live in palm beach, FL and last month Sylvester palm was transplanted because it was planted too close to the house. Initially it didn’t get enough water and all the palms turned brown. There are 3 palms that still have green in them. I am watering regularly and hoping it will survive but the palms coming from the center are brown. Can it survive? Is there anything more i can do others than keep giving it water?

  65. Neighbor advised us to use epsom salt for a dying saga palm; any suggestions

  66. Hi, I have a few Christmas palms, planted in pots and in the landscape, various ages and sizes. They seem to be having the same problem, all of the palms are growing new fronds but the fronds spread as soon as the emerge from the crown, rather than extending out and spreading. I fertilized about a month ago.

  67. Hi Susan, I have a queen palm I planted my cat that passed away and the palm means allot to me. Unfortunately the palm has not flourished in two years. It gets plenty of water and I believe the soil I draining well enough. Is there a way I could send u a photo. Many thanks for really great Website. Also can separate Mexican fan palms. I can send photos for a more definitive answer. Joel

  68. Hi,
    I have a canary palm, pretty good size. I bought it in the spring from a nursery. I now notice that the new growth is coming out dead. Does anyone know what can be wrong?

  69. I think I have overpruned my palm tree causing it to get stressed out causing a pink mold type rot?I been treating it with an “agri-fos” Fungicide and though that may be working my palm tree is still seems to be not doing well, Please I need help, My palms are like my children, I hate to see them suffer! My gratitude mucho!! 805)746-2945 or Please and thank you Cici

  70. have a meditteranean palm 2 yrs old in the ground. Up to last week its been healthy ( San Antonio TX)

    all the branches are droopy, but still green, just not as vibrant. No real browning or discoloration and the soil is slightly moist 2 inches down. Plant us about 3.5 / 4 ft tall

    over watered?

  71. Hi Susan
    Need advice to save palm tree
    I have transplanted a very big palmtree one week ago.Its got one big main branch with 3 small ones.The thing I want to know is ,the small branches leaves is green but the main branch leaves turned light grey green lifeless there is only like 5 of the bottom branches that look if it got some life left.I,m watering it every day and put some fertilizer 1feet under the roots.I want to know must the leaves be cut of or only some or none.
    Thanks a million
    Erlank from S.A

  72. I have 3 Fox tails in our yard. We just bought the house, so no history. The trees are green and lush – except the trunks are splitting and are turning black. Not sure what I should do.

  73. We live in San Antonio, Texas, and have a Mexican Fan Palm planted one year ago. It seems to be growing well with the exception of some small white circlular patches on some of the leaves. Could this be scale? If so, what should be done? Thank you.

  74. Just moved into a home with tons of date palms that we were told needed trimming. Big old lush trees. My husband went out and trimmed rooster tails and pineapples. Will these trees have a chance at recovering. Help please.

  75. Hi Susan

    I bought a Seychelles Stilt Palm about 3 feet and over pruned it in order to travel with it from Miami to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. By mistake I removed all the leaves and even cut part of the new frond it was shooting in order for it to fit in my luggage. I am afraid of losing it. What should I do to save it. I live in Haiti.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  76. Hi Susan. I am in Southern California and have 11 queen palms in the backyard. All are looking good except for one, whose fronds are bending prematurely (while they are still green.) It looks like they droop till they get to the point that they actually collapse. I leave them on till they are brown but clearly there is something wrong. Any ideas?

  77. My oil palm plantation just experienced a fire outbreak.
    What can I do to revive the burnt trees? I can send fotos if an address is forwarded. Thank you

  78. My oil palm trees jus experienced a fire outbreak. What can I do to revive the trees? If you forward an address, I could send fotos. Thanks

  79. I have 3 cat palms that thrived REALLY well outside during summer. I live in BC Canada sooooo…winters are cold. Moved the plants inside. Now the leaves are all dry(smell like hay) and yellow/brown spots on it. I want to nurse them back to how they were.(Healthy, Green)
    Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated.

  80. I have a canary date palm we planted 2 months ago I notice that the leaves are just starting to hang down and are slanting to the ground. Hope you can help me save my palm tree. Please give me some suggestions

  81. I have two foxtail palms that are dying. The top green area at the trunk starts to lean to the side slightly and appears like the top of the tree is rotting. The branches start to slowly turn brown and then die off. The first one that died became hollow all the way down to the ground. When I cut that first one down while it was hollow the base was sopping wet when I cut it off at the ground.

  82. We purchased 7 foxtail palms from Lowes two years ago(Feb,2012). They initially did good but now are having problems.These trees are approx. 15 ft tall. First one of the palms seemed to be unable to shoot pronds out and they all seemed to get “stucK” and jammed in the middle of the tree. All of the trees were not very green and had brown frond tips. I had been fertilizing them with a good fertilizer and spreading epson salts with the fertilizer. In September, 2013 a palm tree “expert” indicated it was a boron deficiency and poured a five gallon of mix around each tree. This killed a lot of the perennials around the palms. All of the palms now have very brown fronds and another one seems to be experience the stunting problem. I had a professional company come in and inject the trees in Janury . They are all extending shoots out and the new fronds seem to be more green but all the old one appear to be dying although they are not releasing from the palm. The original problem tree still does not seem to be able to push long fronds out.
    Any suggestions?

  83. Hi, I have two slyvester palms about 6ft tall they both lack boran deficiency. a horticulturist stated it was lack of boran . they injected the boran but i have yet to see any improvement . I m scared I may lose these palms. what I’m really upset is that I have been paying for tree and shrub service and my palm is lacking born….. why does this happen ? is this a neglect on the company that treats my lawn?

  84. I have 2 Canary Island Date palms that are about 25 years old. They were planted together and are growing right next to each other. The lower fronds on one of the trees have begun to turn brown very quickly. They are getting the same amount of water they’ve always received.
    What are the possible issues I might have and what can I do? Thank you!

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