Quick Way to Protect Palm Trees from Cold

Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus fortunei). Photo by Flickr.

For years, scientists have been working tirelessly to find an anti-freeze solution that can shield palm trees from cold temperatures without causing harm.

A significant breakthrough in this quest has recently come from the collaborative efforts of researchers at the University of Alabama and Miami University, led by Dr. David Francko. Their achievement is FreezePruf, a groundbreaking antifreeze solution.

FreezePruf is an eco-safe spray that enhances a plant’s natural cold tolerance by approximately 2 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit. This innovative formula provides protection both externally and internally, bolstering the plant’s inherent “anti-freeze” properties and its ability to withstand damage from ice crystals.

In essence, using FreezePruf can make your plants feel like they’ve moved 200 miles south, equivalent to about half a USDA hardiness zone.

Is FreezePruf Safe?

Absolutely. FreezePruf is an eco-friendly, biodegradable product. It poses no harm to humans, animals, or the environment and will not damage your plants. It can be safely used on ornamentals, fruit trees, and vegetable plants.

How It Works

The unique formula of FreezePruf consists of five different ingredients that synergistically work together to provide more significant benefits than they would individually. Here’s what these ingredients do:

  1. Strengthen the plant’s cell walls.
  2. Lower the freezing point of both extracellular and intracellular compartments in plant tissue by dehydrating them.
  3. Enhance leaf absorption to help the solution penetrate leaves effectively.
  4. Prevent the solution from being washed away by rain and snow.
  5. Improve the plant’s natural “anti-freeze” properties.

How to Apply

Using FreezePruf is straightforward. Apply it generously to the entire palm or tropical plant 8-12 hours before an expected freeze. The best temperature for application is above 50°F. This protection is guaranteed to last for up to 4 weeks.

Many gardeners, like myself, apply it seasonally in late fall and early spring to ensure our palm trees are well-protected from cold weather. Don’t forget to reapply every 4 weeks, especially after heavy precipitation and when new growth appears.

Where to Buy

While you might not find FreezePruf in physical stores, it’s readily available from trusted online retailers like Amazon. Ordering it online is a convenient way to ensure you have access to this valuable protection for your precious palm trees.

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  1. Hi Katrin,

    I am very happy to have found your web page. There is a lot of useful information. I was wondering if I could send you a picture of my dying palm tree and if you would be so kind to tell me what is wrong. The situation is the following: I brought this silver palm from Suriname to Barcelona one year and a half ago (december 2015). The plant was very young and had only two leaves. Now those two leafs are dead and three more leaves have come out. The two leaves passed the winter of 2015 very well but now the tree new leafs seem to be dying a premature death. The leafs are not green anymore but redish brown and every day I see more surface going dead on the oldest new leaf and there is no sign that a new fresh leaf is coming out.

    When I arrived in Barcelona, december 2015, I transplanted the palm in a some bigger container and had placed it in a sunny indoor place. Then I moved in january this year and put the palm in the balcony where is no direct sunlight ( only one hour a day). Then in april this year I transplanted again in a some bigger container and have put the palm on the roof terrace. Now we are 3 month further and I see that my palm is not recovering. I do water regularly.

    Please would it be posible that you have a look at my palm?

    Thanks in advane,


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