Texas Palm Trees

There are a lot of palm trees that will grow in Texas. Texas is a very large state with climate ranging from arid in the west to humid in the east. The average July temperature range between 73-91°F (22-32°C) while the average January temperatures range from 42-61°F (5-16°C). Texas is threatened by hurricanes and tornadoes. The state gets around 139 tornadoes annually. It also get severe thunderstorms and occasionally hail.

Some areas don’t get any snow while others average between 4-15 inches. The warmest temperature ever recorded was 120°F (49°C) and lowest was –23°F (–31°C). Texas USDA hardiness zones range from 6b to 10a.

Texas USDA Zones

Growing Palm Trees in Texas

Hot sun and dry air are not the best conditions for palm trees that prefer tropical climate. Therefore, when choosing palm trees for your yard, make sure they are durable and will tolerate desert conditions. Even though these palms are tough, you need to provide them with enough water. Here are some of the palm trees that can be grown in Texas:

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Major Cities in Texas

Austin – Hardiness Zone 8b
Dallas – Hardiness Zone 8a
El Paso – Hardiness Zone 7b
Houston – Hardiness Zone 9a
Pasadena – Hardiness Zone 9a
Plano – Hardiness Zone 7b
San Angelo – Hardiness Zone 8a
San Antonio – Hardiness Zone 8b
Sherman – Hardiness Zone 7b

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  1. We live in Texas and have 2 Pindo Palms, one of the Palms has started to have dropping limbs in the last couple of weeks. They are still green but seem to be very weak like the palm cannot hold the limbs up. It has new fronds starting to come up through the bud. What can we do to stop this or save the palm?

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