Kentucky Palm Trees

It is very challenging to grow palm trees in Kentucky state. Kentucky has humid subtropical climate climate. The summer is warm and humid with average maximum July temperature of 87°F (30°C).  Winters are moderately cold with average temperature in January of 40°F (4°C).

The warmest day ever recorded was 114 °F (46 °C) and the lowest was −34 °F (−37 °C). The average annual precipitation is around 44.5 in (113 cm) and snowfall is about 18 in (46 cm). The state also gets around 46 days with thunderstorms. Kentucky USDA hardiness zones range from 6a to 7a.

Kentucky USDA Zones

Growing Palm Trees in Kentucky

If you want to grow palm trees in Kentucky, you need to live in zone 7. All zones lower than that are too cold. Unfortunately, there are only few small areas in Kentucky that has zone 7. If you live in colder areas, you will need to create a microclimate that has at least temperatures of zone 7.

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Major Cities in Kentucky

Bowling Green – Hardiness Zone 6a
Lexington – Hardiness Zone 6a
Louisville – Hardiness Zone 6a

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  1. Can you recommend a palm tree for us? After vacationing in Myrtle beach my better half would like some at home. We live in Frankfort Ky in. Rural area with very little shade on the property

  2. I need to get a palm tree to grow in my backyard. I’m Iraqi and I know how to take care of it . How to get if and how much? I live in Louisville Kentucky.


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