Florida Palm Trees

Palm trees absolutely love warm and humid weather of Florida. Florida’s climate ranges from tropical to subtropical. I has warm winters and hot summers. The temperatures range from 65° to 70°F (18° to 21°C) in the north, and from 74° to 77°F (23° to 25°C) in the south. While this states gets hurricanes and tropical storms every year, tornadoes and waterspouts are very rare.

From June through September, you can expect extremely heavy rains. The warmest temperature recorded was 109°F (43°C) and the lowest was –2°F (–19°C). Florida USDA hardiness zones range from 8a to 11a.

Florida USDA Zones

Growing Palm Trees in Florida

The list of palm trees that you can grow in Florida is endless especially in the zone 11. Here are some of the palms that can grow in Florida:

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Major Cities in Florida

Fort Lauderdale – Hardiness Zone 10a
Jacksonville – Hardiness Zone 9a
Miami – Hardiness Zone 10b
Orlando – Hardiness Zone 9b
Panama City – Hardiness Zone 8b
Sarasota – Hardiness Zone 9b
Tampa – Hardiness Zone 9b
West Palm Beach – Hardiness Zone 10a

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  1. I moved from south to north east Florida and have germinated three foxtail palms. Will the grow well in zone 9A?

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