Palm Trees Nutrition

Palm Trees frequently suffer from improper mineral nutrition in the landscape. Some of the nutritional deficiencies of palm trees are nitrogen (N), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg) and manganese (Mn).

Other essential nutrients such as boron (B), calcium (Ca), copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) are occasionally found to be deficient if they are not present in the fertilizers applied, but these deficiencies are not very common in the landscape.

Nutrient deficiencies can be caused by insufficient nutrients in the soil, a nutrient imbalance, poor soil aeration, a high soil pH and an excessive planting depth. Here are related articles that go into more details:

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12 Responses to “Palm Trees Nutrition”

  1. I am looking for information on the palm tree that is called a Pinapple Palm. The base is shaped like a pinapple with beautiful fern fronds. Can you tell me the proper name of that palm please? Thank you so very much!

  2. please providing us with defecincy elemant in palm

  3. The proper name of the palm is Canary Island Date Palm Tree. Scientific Name: Phoenix canariensis. Here is a link to the palm description:

  4. I have 2 sago palms in 10 in pots , and i want to keep them inside. will they need alot of sun light? I was told , i could feed them epsom salt, but wasn’ t sure how offen to feed them. Would appreaite any information or help,thanks

  5. yep, it called a Canary Date Palm

  6. i have about 15 xmas palms they where in ashed when the cold hit the trees are in 25 gal containers they have stonted frons very small also the larg frons have brown spots and large burned spots looks like skelinzer what do i put on them

  7. Hi Butch. Sorry to hear about your xmas palms. Just keep watering them and spray them with Copper Fungicide. This will help fight fungal and bacterial infections. It might take few months for them to recover. If the new growth looks fine, they will survive. Sometimes first new growth after cold damage looks a little deformed. Don’t worry. If the bud of the palm is not damaged, your palms will recover. ~Susan Brian

  8. Is there a way to remove shipping scars from a foxtail palm with -out hurting the tree? My tree has a few scars from loading and unloading!

  9. Hi William. Palms are very sensitive and I wouldn’t try to do anything right after planting. Give them some time to adjust to he new environment. Also, I think the scars will get dry and not going to be that noticeable. Susan Brian

  10. Please let me know how to save the palm tree. Branches have become brown not turning green.

  11. I was told that to keep palm trees healthy you should use epson salt, is that true??


  12. Is it good to put coffee grounds down at the base of my palm trees?

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