Seashore Palm Tree

Common Name: Seashore Palm
Scientific Name: Allagoptera arenaria
Growth Rate: Slow
Height: up to 6ft
Light Req: full sun
Water Req: moderate
Cold Tolerance: down to 24F

The scientific name for the Seashore Palm is – Allagoptera arenaria. The Seashore Palm is native to the Atlantic Coast of Brazil, where it grows in coastal strand, just above the high tide mark. Seashore palm is also very popular throughout South America.

Seashore Palm Tree Description

Seashore Palm has no trunk and the leaves appear right out of the ground. Seashore Palm is a small palm that can reach max of 6 ft.

Growing Seashore Palm Tree

Considered a slow grower Seashore Palm is highly tolerant of poor soils.It likes full sun but will tolerate some shade. Seashore Palm can tolerate cold up to 24F. It loves moist soil so don’t forget to water often. I has great drainage.

Seashore Palm Propagation

Propagated by seeds.

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