Best Palm Tree Care Products

Below is a list of products I personally use and recommend to all of my readers. These products are tested and are the best on the market. I’ve also did research online to see what other people are thinking about them. You can read reviews for each product by following links below.


The FreezePruf is an eco-safe spray that improves natural cold tolerance of the plant by about 2 – 9F. Its unique formula protects plant externally and internally by enhancing plant’s natural “anti-freeze” like property and ability to survive ice crystal damage. It’s as though FreezePruf moves your plants 200 miles south which is equivalent of about 1/2 of a USDA zone.

I use this product to protect my palm trees from cold snaps and during winter. There only other thing that you can do is to cover your palm with a blanket or put a heater near it. I was very exited when this spray was released, because there is really little you can do to protect your palm from cold.

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Copper Fungicide Spray

Stressed by cold temperatures, palm trees can become vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections. To give a palm tree additional protection and cold tolerance, spray it with “copper fungicide”. It has a unique formula that helps fight both bacteria and fungi. When you are expecting cold weather, spray your palm with liquid cooper few days in advance.  How to Protect Palm Trees from Cold

One of the products I found to be very effective is Bonide Products Copper Fungicide. It works very well against fungi and bacterial.  Since it’s made from natural product you can use it for organic gardening.

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Jobe’s Palm Fertilizer

palm fertilizer 150x150 Palm Tree Fertilization Jobe’s Palm Fertilizer promotes root development and the long-term vitality of all types of palms. Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes have a slow release formula that is design to effectively fertilize your palms while protecting them from the common deficiencies of Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron. Palm Tree Fertilization

When placed underground near the feeder roots of your palm, the spikes release their nutrients where the tree can best use them. Special binders ensure that the fertilizer dissolves slowly and safely and feeds your tree for up to 6 months. There is also a fertilizer for indoor palms.

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Soil Moister Meter

I like to use electronic soil moister meter.  This moister meter, made by Luster Leaf, provides accurate, easy to read results. Since it has soil probe that is separate from meter, you can even monitor hanging plants.

Moisture meters range from $6 to over $100. I think this one is priced very reasonably. It also got great reviews on

You can probably find a cheaper one, but in my experience they don’t do a good job.

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