Michigan Palm Trees

Michigan is too cold to grow palm trees. Michigan has continental climate with hot summers and very cold winters. In July the average temperatures  range from 64- 72°F (18 -22°C). In January the average temperatures range from 13 to -23°F (–5 to –11°C).

The warmest temperature ever recorded was 112°F (44°C) and the lowest was –51°F (–46°C). Annually it gets about 30 days of thunderstorm and 17 tornadoes. Michigan USDA hardiness zones range from 4a to 6b.

Michigan USDA Zones

Growing Palm Trees in Michigan

Since Michigan is too cold enough for growing palm trees, I would recommend growing palm trees indoors in the container and take them outside during summer. That way you will have palm trees in your garden for a few months out of a year. Some great indoor palms are:

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Major Cities in Michigan

Alpena – Hardiness Zone 5b
Dearborn – Hardiness Zone 6a
Detroit – Hardiness Zone 6a
Kalamazoo – Hardiness Zone 5b
Lansing – Hardiness Zone 5b
Sault Ste Marie – Hardiness Zone 4a
Southfield – Hardiness Zone 6a
Sterling Heights – Hardiness Zone 6a
Warren – Hardiness Zone 6a
Westland – Hardiness Zone 6a

~Susan Brian

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