Illinois Palm Trees

You can grow palm trees in zone 7a near Kentucky border that is closer to humid subtropical climate. Illinois has a temperate climate. The summer is hot and humid with average temperatures ranging from  70°F (21°C) to 77°F (25°C). Winters are cool to cold with average temperatures ranging from 22°F (–6°C) to 37°F (3°C).  Illinois USDA hardiness zones range from 5a to 7a.

The highest temperature ever recorded was 117°F (47°C) and the lowest was –36°F (–37.8°C). During the year, Illinois number of thunderstorm and about 37 in of snowfall. The state also is threatened by tornadoes.

Illinois USDA Zones

Growing Palm Trees in Illinois

Illinois is not the best state to grow palm trees due to its cold weather. The only area you can try to grow palms is in the zone 7 near Cape Girardeau city. Keep in mind, it takes only one extremely cold day to kill all of your palms. If you see that cold weather is coming, provide your trees with protection.

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Major Cities in Illinois

Arlington Heights – Hardiness Zone 5a
Aurora – Hardiness Zone 5a
Chicago – Hardiness Zone 5b
Decatur – Hardiness Zone 5a
Elgin – Hardiness Zone 5a
Naperville – Hardiness Zone 5a
Peoria – Hardiness Zone 5a
Quincy – Hardiness Zone 5b
Rockford – Hardiness Zone 5a
Springfield – Hardiness Zone 5b

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