West Virginia Palm Trees

It is very difficult to grow palm trees in West Virginia without creating a microclimate. West Virginia has is a humid continental climate with some areas located in a humid subtropical climate. The summers are humid, warm to hot with average July temperatures range from 67 °F (19 °C) to 76 °F (24 °C) while winters are cool to cold with average January temperatures range from 26 °F (−4 °C) to 41 °F (5 °C).

Dense fogs are very common for the state. On average West Virginia gets about 34 inches (86 cm) of snow annually. West Virginia USDA hardiness zones range from 5a to 7a.

West Virginia USDA Zones

West Virginia usda zones

Growing Palm Trees in West Virginia

Only cold hardy palm trees will grow in West Virginia. Providing a cover and creating a microclimate can dramatically increase the list of palms that will grow in your area.

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Major Cities in West Virginia

Beckley – Hardiness Zone 5b
Charleston – Hardiness Zone 6b
Fairmont – Hardiness Zone 5b
Parkersburg – Hardiness Zone 6a
Wheeling – Hardiness Zone 6b

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