Palm Tree Fertilization

palm tree fertilizing Palm Tree FertilizationPalm trees nutritional deficiencies are easily prevented by following a yearly fertilization program. Mature palms in the landscape should be fertilized with a complete granular fertilizer formulated for palms.

3 to 4 applications of a palm fertilizer are recommended to provide a constant supply of nutrients during the growing season. Be sure to only fertilize during the growing season (end of March through end of October). If you are using slow release fertilizer, apply it twice a year.

Newly planted palms should not be fertilized until after they put out a new spear, I would say about 2 month after planting.

Providing your palm tree with a quality fertilizer or plant food “supplements” is important, so it can maintain its good “health.” Some places like South Florida has very little nutrient in the soil which is very important for palm tree growth.

You will usually want to use a fertilizer that has nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. I recommend not to buy cheap fertilizer because they simply don’t work. It’s better to use fertilizer that has continues release formula that feeds your palm tree for few months rather than using a cheap fertilizer that will wash away after 2-3 rains.

Jobe’s Palm Fertilizer

palm fertilizer 150x150 Palm Tree FertilizationOne of the products that I personally love is Jobe’s Palm Fertilizer. This product promotes root development and the long-term vitality of all types of palms. Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes have a slow release formula that is design to effectively fertilize your palms while protecting them from the common deficiencies of Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron. Palm Tree Fertilization

When placed underground near the feeder roots of your palm, the spikes release their nutrients where the tree can best use them. Special binders ensure that the fertilizer dissolves slowly and safely and feeds your tree for up to 6 months.

This is one of the best palm tree fertilizers on today’s market. It is fast, efficient, long lasting method of fertilizing palm trees and has all the nutrients your palm trees need. To avoid nutrient deficiencies, apply Jobe’s Palm Fertilizer spikes twice a year. It can take 6 months or more for a palm to recover from nutritional deficiencies.

Here is Jobe’s Outdoor Palm Fertilizer and Jobe’s Indoor Palm Fertilizer. Palm Tree Fertilization

~Susan Brian

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18 Responses to “Palm Tree Fertilization”

  1. Hello. My name is Eva Ferhat.
    I am just buy at December 8 th a Sylvester palm tree and two Royal palm trees. They a large sylvester have a 5.5 ft trunk and Royal even bigger.How they instal the palm tree they was so looking healthy. They told me water them a every day for first month. They put a 10 cups of fertilizer of each of them. My palm trees don’t look healthy and leaves turning brown and they so dry. I am thinking I am loosing the trees very soon. Please can you tell me what to do? All the leaves start be so dry and brown even frim the midddle . Thank you so much for your help. Eva Ferhat

  2. Hi Eva. They shouldn’t have used fertilizer right after planting. Also, check if palms are planted to deep or too high. It is normal for the palm trees to be in shock after transplanting, but new growth should be green. Do not cut any dying leaves unless the are completely dry. Palms use nutrients from dying leaves for new growth. Keep watering. Give it some time, they should recover. ~Susan Brian

  3. We had our house in the lower Fl.Keys landscaped with Areca Palms, Christmas Palms (a triple and a quad.) , a Spindle Palm and Foxtail Palm and a Bismark Palm. The landscaper said they had a root-starter in them. When should I start to fertilize? Can I trim off the old Areca Fronds? One foxtail frond broke in the planting and is hanging- should I trim it off or let in fall?

  4. Hi Sue. Do not trim any fronds till they are completely dry. Palms use nutrients from dying leaves for new growth. You should wait for 2 months after planting palms or till they start producing new growth. After transplanting, palms have a transplant shock, so it is best to give them some time to acclimatize and not to fertilize them right away. ~Susan Brian

  5. I fertilized march 1 our palms is to soon to fertilizer now or April 25 ? i been using 13 3 13 lesco

  6. Do we need to fertilize newly planted silver saw palmetto palms?

  7. Is it bad for the palms health (Foxtails) if I remove the seed pods as soon as they develope? I used to sell the seeds but it seems that no one is buying now. They make a mess while flowering and then fall off when mature making another mess and additional cleanup.

  8. September 26,2011,
    Just looking at the trunk of the queen palm it seems as though it was burned, do you know what caused it to turn black and what can I do to save it .

  9. Hi Sharon. The only thing I can thing of is lightning. Is the tree doing ok? Susan Brian

  10. hello susan

    can i use all purpose miricle gro for palm trees

    thank you .

  11. I bought two Foxtail Palms last June. One of them has not produced a single new frond since being put in. There is two new stalks at the center, but they are the two new stalks that were there when originally planted. The other tree is on it’s third new frond. Is there any way to save theis palm or is it already dead?

  12. Hi Ron. It is not unusual for the palm trees to go into shock after being transplanted. Just give it some time. ~Susan Brian

  13. I am working on a project in Rwanda and we have planted many palms. I believe that they are Royal Palms but not sure and the small road side nurseries here do not know. Is it possible to send you a picture to see if you can identify them. Thanks, Deb

  14. Hi Sue,

    We have a mature Canary Island palm on our property and it’s leaves are very burned and yellowed, the crown still looks good. It was well pruned and fertilized this December. Could it be this was the wrong time for fertilizing? Is there some sort of selenium treatment used for yellowing palms?

    Thx, David

  15. Hello. I have about 1000 sylvester palm trees. I notice that after the cold weather we had this year in south florida. Some of this palm tree the bud is turning brown and is coming out. I think is fongus but I’m not sure. What do you think it is? What is a possible solution to fight this problem. This palm tree are on the ground in sandy soil near lake okechobee. Thank you.

  16. Hello Sue,
    I live in the UK on the East Coast ,
    I have bought some westonia palms for inside my conservatory, and for outside growth in our large garden. [ I shall protect them from frost with fleeces in the cold weather. ] Each 3 litre pot of palms has 3 or 4 trunks and I’m wondering if I have to separate these on planting out, or leave them as they are? Thanks for any advice you can give.

  17. We bought 4 Christmas Palms this Spring. We did read when transplanting to add bone meal. 3 look like they are dying. The one that is in our bedroom and doesnt get as much sunlight is doing the best. It just started to get one brown leaf. My favorite, 4 stock and 10′ high has leaves that first had yellow spots and then turned broken. it started w just 5 leaves but is now up tp almost the whole plant. The other two, don’t have yellow spots, they are trying brown. Should we replant, leaving out bone meal? Please help! I love these tress!

  18. thanks for all the suggestions you havd presented. I’ve planted a coconut plant in saven months now but it is not growing at a fast rate as I suppose it should have been.

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