Oregon Palm Trees

Oregon has some warm areas where cold hardy palm trees can grow.  Oregon is divided into few regions with climate ranging from temperate to drier semi-arid. The Oregon weather is heavily influenced by the Pacific Ocean. Average January temperatures range from 25°F (–4°C) to 45°F (7°C). Average July temperatures range from 5°F (18°C) to 78°F (26°C).

The Cascades get about 300 in (760 cm) to 550 in (1,400 cm) of snow each year. The warmest temperature ever recorded in was 119°F (48°C) and the lowest was –54°F (–48°C). Oregon USDA hardiness zones ranges from 3b to 9b.

Oregon USDA Zones

Oregon usda zones

Growing Palm Trees in Oregon

Since Oregon has areas that lay in the zones 8 and 9, there are a lot of cold hardy palms that can grow there. Here are palm trees that can grow in Oregon:

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Major Cities in Oregon

Bend – Hardiness Zone 5a
Eugene – Hardiness Zone 7b
Medford – Hardiness Zone 7b
Portland – Hardiness Zone 9a
Salem – Hardiness Zone 7b

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