European Fan Palm Tree – Chamaerops humilis

european palm tree5 European Fan Palm Tree   Chamaerops humilis

The European Fan Palm Tree, scientific name Chamaerops humilis, has become very popular in recent years, mostly due to its cold hardiness that makes it perfect for landscape in USDA zones 7b-11.  It’s a nice looking palm tree that can give exotic focal point to any garden with its evergreen fan-shaped leaves. Since it grows only to about 10ft tall, it is often used in small yards.

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European Fan Palm Tree Profile

Scientific name: Chamaerops humilis

Common names: The European Fan Palm is also known as Mediterranean Fan Palm, Dwarf Fan Palm, and Palmito.

Family: Arecaceae

Origin: It is native to Mediterranean region of Europe.

european palm tree1 European Fan Palm Tree   Chamaerops humilis

Appearance: Chamaerops humilis grows in multiple trunk clumps. Growing from the base sucklings, give this palm a shrubby look. Trunks are covered in old leaf bases and brown fibers can reach 9 inches in diameter. It can take 10-15 years for it to achieve 7ft.

It has triangular, palmate, or fan shaped, leaves that range from blue green to silvery gray in color. Leaves grow outward then upward. They grow up to 25 inches long and 25 inches wide, supported by 4ft stems. Stems are covered with sharp thorns, so you need to be careful when pruning them.

Flowers/Fruits: During late spring months the European Fan Palm produces small yellow flowers. The flowers are monoecious, individual flowers are either male or female, but both sexes can be found on the same plant. Flowers are followed by green fruits that turn brown when ripe. Fruits are around 0.5 inch in diameter, develop in fall and are not edible.

Growth Rate: Slow. The European Fan Palm is a slow growing palm that rarely grows higher than 5 – 10 ft tall and 1-5 ft wide.

 European Fan Palm Tree   Chamaerops humilisThere is a great book, written by David A. Francko that I really like, it’s called “Palms Won’t Grow Here and Other Myths: Warm-Climate Plants for Cooler Areas”. It goes into the details on how you can grow cold hardy palms in zones 7, 6 and even 5. This is the perfect foundation book for the gardener who would like to see a banana next to his cherry tree and a palm between his maples. It got great reviews and 5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

Outdoor/Indoor Use: Both.

Cold Tolerance: It is wind resistant and is very cold hardy. It will tolerate cold temperatures down to 5F. It is great for USDA Zones 7b (5 to 10 F) to 11 (above 40 F).

Light Req: Full sun to partial shade. The European Fan Palm grows best in full sun.

Water Req: Moderate. It grows best in moist but well drained soil.

Maintenance: Easy. To prevent nutritional deficiency, apply good quality palm fertilizer that has continues release formula twice a year during growing season.

Propagation: Propagated by seeds.

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For more photos click here European Fan Palm Pictures.

~Susan Brian

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8 Responses to “European Fan Palm Tree – Chamaerops humilis”

  1. I was wondering if you could help me wth Moving one of these How hard would it be to transplant one that is about 4 feet high

  2. Hi Bill. Sorry, but we don’t do palm transporting. Your palm will be in shock after transplanting but if you are careful and do everything right it should be fine. ~Susan Brian

  3. My European Fan Palm is about 4 years old. We had a very cold winter, but I had it wrapped. The main center trunk I think has died. There is no bud and is hollow down to about a foot from top. There are however suckers starting to grow out from the bottom around the sides of the base. What should I do? Please help!!

    Thanks so much,

  4. We had a similar problem. We cut off the old leaves down to the trunks, and the tree(s) revived nicely.

  5. Our palm has been in about 6 months, and some of the palm leaves on the bottom are turning yellow, does it need something????

  6. I have a med fan that has been a pot for over a year and I am having problems keeping the growth from drying out and turning brown. The plant is alive with some green on it. What cn I do??

  7. One of my favorite palms! I have 4 (2 in pots, 2 in ground) of these growing in the Seattle area for about 2 years now. It has been down in the teens (16-20) degrees the past couple nights, which is the coldest winter temps we’ve had in at least 4-5 years here. They seem to be loving the cold sunny days. Normally we are very rainy in the winter, but my med. fan palms are actually thriving in this cold weather. The frond spears seem to be separating, almost like it is spring time and its December. Impressive hardiness on these guys.

  8. I have a European Fan Palm that we just planted last Spring. I know it’s supposed to survive temps down to 5 degrees but one night it dropped down to 2 degrees here this winter. My husband made a mini greenhouse around the plant. Most of the leaves turned brown. There are a few at the base of the tree that are still green. When should I remove the brown leaves?

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