Dwarf Sugar Palm Tree

formosa palm Dwarf Sugar Palm Treesugar palm3 Dwarf Sugar Palm TreeCommon Name: Dwarf Sugar Palm
Scientific Name: Arenga engleri
Growth Rate: Moderate
Height: up to 20ft
Light Req: full sun to partial shade
Water Req: moderate
Cold Tolerance: down to 25F

The scientific name for the Dwarf Sugar Palm is – Arenga engleri. Dwarf Sugar Palm is also known as Formosa Palm, Taiwan Sugar Palm, or Taiwan Arenga Palm. Dwarf Sugar Palm is native to islands south of Japan.

Dwarf Sugar Palm Description

Dwarf Sugar Palm is a small palm tree that doesn’t grow more than 20 ft tall and more than 6 in in diameter. It can spread up to 16ft. The stems are covered with delicate black fibers.

Dwarf Sugar Palm has long graceful triangular fishtail-shaped leaves up to 8 feet long. The dark olive-green leaves often twist gracefully, giving them a slight spiraling appearance.

sugar palm4 Dwarf Sugar Palm Tree

sugar palm1 Dwarf Sugar Palm TreeLeaflets spring from the middle of each stem, and are dark-green to olive on their topside, and silvery beneath. The 5-8 in long leaflets have an unusual and distinctive V cross-section and grow abundantly in a single plane off the stems.

Dwarf Sugar Palm produce red to deep purple fruits. Each globular fruit is less than 1 in (2.5 cm) in diameter and contains one to three seeds.

Growing Dwarf Sugar Palm

Dwarf Sugar Palm likes moist soil and not very good at tolerating drought. It prefers partial shade to full sun. Dwarf Sugar Palm is hardy and can tolerate cold up to 25F for a short period of time after establishing.

Dwarf Sugar Palm Propagation

Propagated by seeds.

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