California Palm Trees

It is easy to grow palm trees in California if you live in the warm area. California’s climate ranges from arid to subarctic. It has dry summers and rainy winters. In July temperatures for the state range on average from 75°F (24°C) to 93°F (34°C) depending on the location. In January temperatures range on average from 38°F (3°C) to 48°F (9°C).

The highest temperature ever recorded is 134° (57°C) and the lowest is –45°F (–43°C). California can be divided into four climatic regions. The temperature difference is most dramatic nearer the coast where in July the average daily high in San Francisco is  72 °F (22 °C) vs Walnut Creek with average daily high 87 °F (31 °C). California’s USDA hardiness zones range from 4a to 10b.

California USDA Zones

california usda zones

Growing Palm Trees in California

Since California has a wide range of different zones, there are a lot of palm trees that will grow in the warmer part of the state. Here are some of the palms that will grow in California:

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Major Cities in California

Los Angeles – Hardiness Zone 10a
Palm Springs – Hardiness Zone 9b
Sacramento – Hardiness Zone 9a
San Diego – Hardiness Zone 10a
San Francisco – Hardiness Zone 10a
San Jose – Hardiness Zone 9b
San Mateo – Hardiness Zone 9b
Santa Barbara – Hardiness Zone 9b
Santa Monica – Hardiness Zone 10b

Find your hardiness zone

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