How to Water Palm Trees The Right Way

Question: We have some young-ish palms down in the Baja on our property that we just bought and they are turning yellow. They are getting watered twice per week. Our neighbours palms are much healther and they have a sprinkler system for watering. Is it the slow drip watering systems that makes the difference? Do you think those fertilizer sticks are helpful? The soil there is EXTREMELY dry and full of minerals. Thank you for any suggestions you might have.

Answer: Newly planted palm trees should be watered every day for the first week and every other day for the second week. After planting, palms lose a lot of roots. Those roots that are left need to supply palm with enough water. That is why you should provide it with more water than usual for the first few weeks while it is establishing new root system. Deep watering is when you slowly drip water over longer period of time. This method of watering gives soil more time to absorb water. It is usually done with sprinkling system. Another thing you should remember is that some palms can experience transplant shock after being planted. It is normal for the palm to have yellow or brown leaves. Give it some time to adjust to the new place.

Fertilizer sticks work very well. They have a slow release formula that feeds palm with nutrients over time and will not wash away after the first rain. Make sure to buy good quality fertilizer. Don’t use cheap stuff because it doesn’t work. ~Susan Brian

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