true date palm

True Date Palm Tree – Phoenix dactylifera

The True Date Palm Tree, scientific name Phoenix dactylifera, is a close relative to Canary Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis) and Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii). This is a cold hard palm that can tolerate cold … Read more

Triangle Palm Tree – Dypsis decaryi

The Triangle Palm Tree, scientific name Dypsis decaryi, is a very striking palm known for its tristichously arranged leaves that form a triangle. The palm is a great ornamental plant that can be grown indoors … Read more

teddy bear palm

Teddy Bear Palm Tree – Dypsis leptocheilos

The Teddy Bear Palm Tree, scientific name Dypsis leptocheilos or Neodypsis lastelliana, is a very elegant palm known for its unique trunk with a distinctive reddish-colored fuzzy crownshaft. It can grow indoors or outdoors. It … Read more

spindle palm tree

Spindle Palm Tree – Hyophorbe verschaffeltii

The Spindle Palm Tree, scientific name Hyophorbe verschaffeltii or Hyophorbe verschafeltii, is an elegant looking palm that is perfect for a small landscape. It is well-known for its unique spindle shaped trunk and beautiful v-shaped … Read more

saw palmetto palm tree

Saw Palmetto Palm Tree – Serenoa repens

The Saw Palmetto Palm Tree (Serenoa repens), is one of the most popular palm trees. Native to Florida and southeastern United States, this slow growing palm can be used as a a screening plant, focal … Read more

sago palm tree

Sago Palm Tree – Cycas revoluta

The scientific name for the Sago Palm is – Cycas revoluta. Sago Palm is a cycad. Cycads are known to be among the oldest plants on earth, unchanged for millions of years, originating in East … Read more

Ruffled fan palm tree

Ruffled Fan Palm Tree – Licuala grandis

The Ruffled Fan Palm Tree, scientific name Licuala grandis, is an exotic fan palm that is well-known for its stunning dark-green ruffled leaves.  This elegant palm tree is great for small yards and can also … Read more

red latan palm tree

Red Latan Palm Tree – Latania lontaroides

The Red Latan Palm Tree, scientific name Latania lontaroides, is a large striking fan palm that is well-known for its stunning reddish color leaf-stems. This attractive palm is very similar to Blue Latan Palm Tree … Read more

royal palm tree

Royal Palm Tree – Roystonea oleracea

The Royal Palm Tree, scientific name Roystonea oleracea, is native to Cuba and North America. Royal Palm Trees are popular in many warm, coastal landscapes, particularly in southern Florida and parts of California. They can … Read more