How To Save an Over-fertilized Palm Tree

Question: Hi. I read your notes on fertilization and I feel certain the tree got fertilizer close to the roots. This winter was bitter cold (Jacksonville, fl) and some of the tips of the fronds got frozen I think, but now all the fronds have crispy brown tips moving toward the middle of the frond. I can’t tell if the new shoots in the middle are brown as well. It has been raining a lot, but its super dry these days. Should we cut the fronds. It may have also been over-fertilized. Is there anything we can do to ameliorate the problem? Thanks!

Answer: It sounds like your palm was damaged by cold and over-fertilized. Over-fertilizing can kill your palm. You need to water it a lot for a few days to wash out the fertilizer. Cold damaged palms is very hard to treat. Fertilizing will not help. It might take palm over 6 months to recover. The only thing you can do is wait. Make sure you have a regular watering schedule and protect it from cold. ~Susan Brian

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