How To Save A Dying Dwarf Date Palm Tree

Question: Hi there. I bought a Dwarf Date Palm Tree today it was marked for 50.00 pounds down to 25.00.  However it looked poorly. The leaves are turning brown in the middle top of the plant and some at the lower are brown and dropping.  It is about 3 foot in height and has been kept in a small plant pot about 3 gallon. I offered them 15.00 and took it home. It looks so lovely and I know it would be a great plant if I could revive it back round to its potential healthy self. What should I do? How do I save it?

Answer: I think there was a reason why it was on sale. First thing is to make sure it has a good soil and the container has good drainage. Palm trees like moist but well drained soil. If not, by good quality soil mix that does not have added fertilizer. Soil mixed with fertilizer very often can burn palms roots. You need to get a fast draining soil. Regular water schedule will help to provide it with enough water.  Palms also love misting.

Date Palm Trees like full sun, but they need to be slowly acclimatized to high light levels. Put it in a place with a lot of natural light, but no direct sunlight. Somewhere near the window would be great. Palm trees are very sensitive and need some to time to adapt to new home. After a few weeks, you can apply a good quality slow release fertilizer. ~Susan Brian

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