Why Is My Red Latan Palm Tree Turning Black?

Question: I have a Red Latan Palm. Recently, the new shoots are underdeveloped, turning black at the tips and opening early. The recent fronds that have developed more fully have turned black at the base of the stalk. It almost appears to be a magnesium deficiency or a frizzle top problem that you might see in a Queen Palm. Are these susceptible to the same condition? Do you have any advice as to whether I can try something to save this tree? It is just starting to achieve some size and has enjoyed healthy growth for a few years until now. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer: I don’t think it is a frizzle top problem. This sound like a fungal infection. You should prune infected fronds and discard them. Spray the palm with Bonide Products Copper Fungicide. This is a great product that helps to prevent fungal infection from spreading. If this is an indoor palm, keep away from other plants. ~Susan Brian

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