Date Palm Tree

The scientific name for the Date Palm is – Phoenix dactylifera. Date Palm is native to North Africa.

Date Palm Description

The date palm trunk, also called stem or stipe is vertical, cylindrical and columnar of the same girth all the way up. The trunk is covered for several years with the bases of the old dry fronds, making it rough, but with age these bases weather and the trunk becomes smoother with visible cicatrices of these bases. Depending on variety, age of a palm and environmental conditions, leaves of a date palm are 3 to 6 m long (4 m average) and have a normal life of 3 to 7 years. Date palm is a dioecious species with male and female flowers being produced in clusters on separate palms.

Growing Date Palm

Date Palm likes full sun. It’s cold hardy and can tolerate cold up to 15F. Date Palm is drought tolerant. This palm tree can withstand large temperature fluctuations.

Date Palm Propagation

Propagated by seeds.

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