Can Areca Palm Survive in Georgia State?

Question: Hi, I just bought an Areca Palm yesterday from my local Home Depot store. My intention for buying the Palm is to provide some screening or camouflage for my above ground swimming pool sand filer and the PVC pipes attached to it. They are in the middle of my pool and the yard and stick out like a sore thumb. I have not put the Palm in the ground yet, cause I need your advice. I hope I did not buy the wrong thing.

I read about the Palm on your site and I am a little scared to plant it. I do not think it is even rated for my planting zone. I live in middle Georgia, Warner Robins. I think we are in Zone 8. It does gets below freezing here, so I am concerned about the Palm’s survival. I am also concerned that it’s root system will spread out to much and mess up my liner under my pool. Can you give me some advice before I plant this thing? Should I keep it or take it back? If so, what would you have recommended for a screen or camouflage for the items I listed. Thanks for your help.

Answer: I would not recommend buying palm trees from Home Depot. They don’t acclimatize palms and a lot of times mislabel them. The coldest zone that Areca Palm can tolerate is 9a. If you live in zone 8, it is way too cold. There are other palms that can survive in zone 8:

Saw Palmetto Palm Tree – Zones 7a -11 (0 to 5 F)
Silver Saw Palmetto Palm Tree
– Zones 7a – 11 (0 to 5 F)
European Fan Palm Tree – Zones 7b – 11 (5 to 10 F)

Or you can just keep the palm in the container indoors and take it outside during warm days. Here is more information on what palm trees can grow in Georgia. ~Susan Brian

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