Small Palm Trees

I get a lot of questions about Small Palm Trees. I consider all palms under 20 feet to be small. Small Palm Trees, also called Dwarf Palm Trees, are great for the front yard of the house because they are easier to maintain and they don’t abstract the view. Also, small palm trees under 20 feet are great for small-scale gardens.

There are thousands of palm tree species to choose from, but I am listing only most popular small palm trees that are easy in maintenance and you can find them at the most local nurseries. Keep in mind that these palms can grow much higher in the wild. Following palms are all slow growing but can grow faster if regularly fertilized.

1. Small Palm Trees under 10 Feet

cardboard palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Cardboard Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Zamia furfuracea
Common Name: Cardboard Palm, Cardboard Plant, Cardboard Sago, Cardboard Cycad, Mexican Cycad
european palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees European Fan Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Chamaerops humilis
Common Name: European Fan Palm, Mediterranean fan palm
lady palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Lady Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Rhapis excelsa
Common Name: Lady Palm, R. flabelliformis, Aristocratic Lady Palm
needle palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Needle Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Rhapidophyllum hystrix
Common Name: Needle Palm, Porcupine Palm
pygmy palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Pygmy Date Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Phoenix roebelenii
Common Name: Pygmy Date Palm, Robellini Palm, Miniature Date Palm
ruffled palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Ruffled Fan Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Licuala grandis
Common Name: Ruffled Fan Palm, Vanuatu Fan Palm, Palas Palm, Ruffled Lantan Palm
sago palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Sago Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Cycas revoluta
Common Name: Sago Palm, Japanese Sago Palm, King Sago Palm, Sago Cycas
saw palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Saw Palmetto Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Serenoa repens
Common Name: Silver Saw Palmetto Palm, Saw Palmetto Palm, Scrub Palm

2. Small Palm Trees under 20 Feet

areca palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Areca Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Chrysalidocarpus lutescens
Common Name: Areca Palm, Yellow Palm, Butterfly Palm, Cane Palm, Golden Feather Palm
bottle palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Bottle Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Hyophorbe lagenicaulis
Common Name: Bottle Palm
christmas palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Christmas Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Veitchia Merrillii
Common Name: Christmas Palm, Manila Palm, Kerpis Palm
fiji palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Fiji Fan Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Pritchardia pacifica
Common Name: Fiji Fan Palm, Fiji Palm
fishtail palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Fishtail Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Caryota mitis
Common Name: Clustered Fishtail Palm
flame palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Flame Thrower Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Chambeyronia macrocarpa
Common Name: Red Feather Palm, Red Leaf Palm, Blushing Palm, Watermelon Palm
thatch palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Florida Thatch Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Thrinax radiata
Common Name: Silk-top Thatch Palm, Sea Thatch Palm
joey palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Joey Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Johannesteijsmannia altifrons
Common Name: Diamond Joey Palm, Diamond Joey
lipstick palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Lipstick Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Cyrtostachys renda
Common Name: Lipstick Palm, Sealing Wax Palm, Red Sealing Wax Palm
chusan palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Miniature Chusan Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Trachycarpus wagnerianus
Common Name: Miniature Chusan Palm, Wagner’s Windmill Palm, Waggie Palm, Waggie
oldman palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Old Man Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Coccothrinax crinita
Common Name: Old Man Palm, Thatch Palm, Guano Barbudo, Guano Petate, Palma Petate
pindo palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Pindo Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Butia capitata
Common Name: Pindo Palm, Jelly palm, Wine Palm
ponytail palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Ponytail Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Beaucarnea recurvata
Common Name: Ponytail Palm, Pony Tail Palm, Bottle Palm, Monja, Palma Culona, Elephant-Foot Tree, Elephant Foot
windmill palm tree70x70 Small Palm Trees Windmill Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Trachycarpus fortunei
Common Name: Windmill Palm, Chusan Palm, Chinese Windmill Palm

Please let me know if there are other Small Palm Trees that should be added to this list. If you have any questions or comments use a comment box below. I always love to hear from you.

~Susan Brian

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  1. This site is invaluable!!! Being fairly new to Florida-and loving to garden, this site has saved me numerous errors!! We have to worry about frost,-so now I am able to plant exactly what is right for our area. I do-however, have a weakness for the Queen, so planted two of them-and baby them!!

  2. I would like to know the care for Iron palm tree plant. how often they should be watered.whether they need lots of sunlight and what temperatures are best for these indoor plants.I have four of them. purchased in the summer 2008. now leaves are turning yellow and brown, dying. what am i doing wrong???

  3. I have a Florida Palm I purchased from the airport, the cats got to it, I may be over watering, the palm looks sad… please contact me via email @

  4. Hah, I live in Washington state, where it’s not very sunny, but I was thinking of putting a small potted palm tree in my well-lit room. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. I have what looks like old man palm. All leaves have fallen off. Now new shoots are coming out at the bottom of the two trunks. What am I doing wrong? I’ve had this palm a out 8 months and its about 3′ tall. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  6. I also have a palm purchased in a Florida airport about 15-20 years ago. It’s suddenly doing poorly, and I’m tyring to save it. It’s about 3 feet tall, usually has 10 fronds, and is potted, kept inside, indirect sun. It’s down to 3 fronds now, and wilting. Any suggestions as to care, and what type palm it is? Please help! Thanks!

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