Royal Palm Tree Pictures

Take a look at these beautiful pictures of the Royal Palm Tree, scientific name Roystonea regia or Roystonea oleracea. The Royal Palm is one of the most popular palms in the world. It is a very large palm with a white marble column-like trunk and a beautiful thick crown of leaves.

royal palm tree1 Royal Palm Tree Pictures royal palm tree2 Royal Palm Tree Pictures
royal palm tree3 Royal Palm Tree Pictures royal palm tree4 Royal Palm Tree Pictures
royal palm tree5 Royal Palm Tree Pictures

Please let me know if you have any images of the Royal Palm, so I can add them to my site. Good quality photos will help others with their palm tree selection.

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2 Responses to “Royal Palm Tree Pictures”

  1. I bought a R. regia in a 36″ box 26 months ago and planted it. I live in Vista California and the tree came from El Cajon (more inland). The tree was about 22′ tall and appeared to be quite healthy. It was grown in full sun and planted in full sun with great care. It has been watered and fertilized regularly but has not put on any full sized fronds, All new growth has been dwarf fronds. The trunk and crown shaft appear to be still healthy although the overall height has shurnk to about 15′. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bob.

  2. Hi Bob. What fertilizer are you using? It sounds like its not getting enough nutrients to reach its full growing potential. ~Susan Brian

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