Louisiana Palm Trees

There are many palm trees that can be grown in the state of Louisiana. Louisiana has a humid subtropical climate that is influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. The summer is hot and humid with average July temperature of about 82°F (28°C). The winter is mildly warm with average January temperature of about 52°F (11°C).

The warmest temperature ever recorded was 114°F (46°C) and the lowest was –16°F (–27°C). The state gets occasional hurricanes and tropical storms especially in the summer. Snowfall is very rare. Louisiana USDA hardiness zones range from 7b to 9b.

Louisiana USDA Zones

Louisiana usda zones

Growing Palm Trees in Louisiana

Louisiana is a great state to grow palm trees especially in the zone 9.  Here are some palms that can grow in Louisiana:

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Major Cities in Louisiana

Alexandria – Hardiness Zone 8b
Baton Rouge – Hardiness Zone 8b
Lafayette – Hardiness Zone 9a
Lake Charles – Hardiness Zone 9a
Metairie – Hardiness Zone 9a
Monroe – Hardiness Zone 8a
New Orleans – Hardiness Zone 9a
Shreveport – Hardiness Zone 8a

Find your hardiness zone

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