Indoor Palm Trees

Indoor Palm Trees are becoming more popular in decorating home and office space. They create a tropical atmosphere that no other indoor plant can provide. Interior designers love indoor palms because they are very tolerable to the wide range of conditions. Palm diseases are rarely a problem while some insects can still get your plant in trouble. Some of the common pests are scale, mealybugs and mites.

Since there is no drought or cold inside, light is the most important key factor in growing healthy and beautiful palm. It is also easier to prevent different diseases and insects that is a usual problem for outdoor palms.

areca palm tree70x70 Indoor Palm Trees Areca Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Chrysalidocarpus lutescens
This outdoor palm can be grown indoors. Areca Palm has long, light green fronds that are feather-shaped with narrow leaflets. Areca Palm grows around 7 inches a year. It will grow to around 7 feet tall indoors. Areca Palm likes a lot of indirect light. It also requires a lot of water and well-drained soil.
chinese palm tree70x70 Indoor Palm Trees Chinese Fan Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Livistona chinensis
This is a very easy to grow palm that adapts to a wide range of indoor conditions. Chinese Fan Palm is native to Japan. It likes well-drained soil and a lot of light. This elegant palm has emerald-green fan shaped leafs and little spines along the petiole. So be careful trimming it. It’s a slow growing plant that can reach 30 feet tall.
kentia palm tree70x70 Indoor Palm Trees Kentia Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Howea forsteriana
Is one of the best indoor palms. Kentia Palm is native to Australia. It has a slender trunk and a graceful crown of dark-green drooping fronds. This palm likes plenty of light, but can survive in the low light conditions. It also grows best with a lot of water and well-drained soil.
lady palm tree70x70 Indoor Palm Trees Lady Palm Tree
Scientific Name: Rhapis excelsa
If you are looking for an indoor palm Lady Palm is a great choice. It will happily live under low light conditions or bright filtered light. Easy care makes this palm very popular for indoor use. Lady Palm is a slow growing plant that will grow around 9 inches per year.

All palms like heat and humid environment. Usually, heat is not a problem in indoor conditions but not enough humidity and too much dry heat could damage palm leafs. Try to keep your palm plants away from heaters and air conditioners if possible.

In the warm month palm can greatly benefit from spending some time outside. Since they are not used to bright sunlight, slowly acclimatize them to the outside light. Also keep in mind that it is impossible for “sun grown” leaf to adapt to the low light levels. So don’t keep your plant outside for too long.

If you have comments or questions let me know by using a comment box below. Have a wonderful day :)

~Susan Brian

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19 Responses to “Indoor Palm Trees”

  1. I live in Colorado (not sure what zone) and have two potted indoor majesty palms. One has paled completely to a pale green (not yellow, although the tips are brown but some are pale green most of the way up and then yellow just before the browning at the tips). I mist them daily they get filtered light and I run a humidifier near them as well. They live in 12″ pots and I water them every 7 or 8 days. I also mist so that a little water gets into the little cup like area at the base. From what I have read the yellow is over watering and the brown is under watering. So I am pretty confused. How could I be doing both? how do I get the water to the tips without ruining the middle of the frond?
    Will the plant ever get dark green again and if so how should I care for it better to help it get there?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you


  2. Hi Britt. It is hard to diagnose a problem from a distance. Are the pots big enough for them? Look closely to see if there is a insect problem. The misting and watering is fine. It shouldn’t cause any problems. ~Susan Brian

  3. Can a Lipstick Palm survide indoors?

  4. Hi Marty. If you provide with plenty of sunlight, it will grow fine indoors. ~ Susan Brian

  5. Hi Susan,

    Please help! I received this palm as a gift and it now looks like it is on its last leg. I was told that the palm is called a “Living Room Palm.” It has had an ongoing problem with leaves turning yellow unless the soil feels moist. In the end, I may have overwatered it. It came in a pot that has no drainage holes and I am not sure if I will be able to extricate it intact from the pot. It now has many yellow leaves with dark brown leaf tips and a few dark brown spots on the leaves as well. I previously noticed long solid lines of a powdery white substance on the stalks. I took the palm outside today and allowed the rain to wash it. It now looks like the stalks are covered with white spots rather than a solid white line. Could the plant have mealy bugs? Can I try to hose the white things off with a hose? Should I try to dig the palm out of the pot and hose off all of the soil and then repot it? Please advise.

    Are there houseplant services to take the tree to for treatment?

    I took photos which I could send to you if this would be helpful.

    The tree and I live in Northern Florida on Amelia Island.

    Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

  6. Hi Beatrice. Sorry to hear about your palm. You need to make few holes at the bottom otherwise your palm might get a bud rot. It is very easy to do with a power tool. To get rid of mealy bugs spray the palm with Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap. Let me know if this worked. ~Susan Brian

  7. Thanks so much for your advice, Susan! I greatly appreciate it.

  8. Hi Susan,
    I have a coconut palm that was purchased in a 12″ inch diameter pot, about 12″ deep, and it is in need of transplanting. It has grown two new fronds in 6 months. It is about 4 feet tall. It lives indoors in a nice window and is doing very well, but growing out of it’s pot. I would like to know the best soil to use and if I keep the coconut sitting about half way in the soil and half out as it is now. We purchased a much larger pot with a good drainage hole in it. I also don’t know what kind of coconut palm we have, although it looks identical to the small ones in pot shown on your webpage “growing palm trees”. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

  9. If a frond is dying and all of the leaves have either fallen off or are yellow and brown, can the tree be saved? If so, how can I save it?

  10. Hi Susan,
    I have a very tiny ruffled fan palm tree potted in palm / cactus soil. It’s been outside on my deck with my other tropical plants all summer. I live in z5, and overwinter my bananas and elephant ears each year. But I’ve never had a palm, and well, I’d like to place it with my orchids which I have growing under LED tracklighting. Can palms do well under lighting? This isn’t like direct sun or anything. These lights are specially made for orchids lit from higher up, not close up. They are natural white light, not the ‘disco’ colored ‘grow light’ so many people use. ???

  11. Hi Lori. Not all palms need full sun. Some of them grow better in partial shade. Try to provide as much light as possible. Palms also like high humidity so occasional misting will be nice. In zone 5 you really don’t have much of a choice other than growing palms indoors :) Susan Brian

  12. Hi Susan
    hi i have a baby indoor palm tree but i don’t know what kind it is. it is about 6 inches tall and has a lot of little trees not just one can you help me. i want to know what kind it is and how to care for it. thank you :)

  13. Hi Nick. Most palm trees like a lot of natural light, moist well drained soil and warm temperatures. Make sure it is getting enough water. Place it next to the window with a lot of natural light, but no direct sun. Since you don’t know what kind of palm that is, I don’t think you should be expose it to full sun. Palms like occasional misting. Also, keep it away from heaters, palm trees don’t like dry air. Apply slow release fertilizer few times a year. That is about it. Let me know if you have any problems. ~Susan Brian

  14. I have 100 palms that I have propogated from seed and need to find the name of. The seed came off of a tree next to an Areca and they look very similar except the ends of the leafets are trunkated or choped off and ragged. The areca seems to have a sharp point on the leaflets. Could you help with a name?

  15. I have a couple potted Pritchardia palms that are starting to show symptoms of potassium deficiency . I have had them for about 5 years and they are now about 5 feet tall and in 7 gallon pots. Can you reccommend a good palm fertilizer. Im in Michigan so I will probably have to order it online. Thanks!

  16. Hi Susan, I posted on the forum but figured I might also try here. I live in the mid-atlantic (zone 7a). I recently purchased an 8′ , potted “christmas” palm to place on my enclosed back porch. I immediately transplanted it in a larger pot w/ added mixture of topsoil/sand/perlite. It stays warm out there and I would say that about 1/3 of the leaves get direct sun…the others indirect. I’ve only had it about a week or two. I noticed that the tips of a lot of the leaves are getting brown and some have a little brown spot. From reading your site..I’m trying to keep the soil moist but not saturated (it drains well into a pan). I also haven’t fertilized. Could it just be adjusting? It had a bit of a rough ride home in the back of my truck (fronds were tied up but getting tossed around). Anything else I should do to give it a lift? I’m hoping I can get it to flourish this summer so that it will survive okay in the space over next winter (I do have supplemental heat). Thanks

  17. I hear it said all over the Internet by you and others that palms won’t grow in Colorado. Well here’s a picture of some growing in Westminster, a suburb about 30 minutes north of Denver. Some say this is a Yucca (Yuccas do grow around Colorado, nothing new there). Looks like a palm to me.

  18. I purchased a palm tree at a garage sale while vacationing in the Destin, FL area. It looks like one someone has dug and potted. I would like to know how to take care of it…watering, fertilizing, light needs, soil replacement, etc. It is now in a room with light exposure from east, west, and south. Any information you can give me to keep this tree happy and healthy would be greatly appreciated. Also would like to know if it can be placed on a protected deck during the summer months in NE. Thanks.

  19. I am really interested in purchasing a Sago palm but I have a dog and I’m worried about the poisonous seeds. He never eats plants or bothers them but I really do not want to risk it. I think the Sago palm is gorgeous and would like something similar to that. I live in zone 7. Any suggestions? I like the Sylvester Date Palm and the Coconut palm. Will these grow indoors?

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