Florida Palm Tree Nurseries

There are a lot of nurseries in Florida. I will list only those that I know have a great variety of Palm Trees and other tropical plants. Here is a short list of Florida Palm Tree Nurseries that I personally trust:

Real Palm Trees
520 W. Green St.
Englewood, FL

This nursery is at the top of my list because it has a great variety of most popular palm trees and also some rare and exotic palms. They have excellent web site which helps them sell a lot of palm trees online. The best part is, when you buy online, you can get palm trees at a discounted price, plus free shipping. Another reason why I like this nursery is because each palm comes with Certificate of Authenticity which guarantees highest quality palm tree. All of their palm trees are properly grown and acclimated to the correct hardiness zone to insure success in planting. Real Palm Trees offers 100% satisfaction guarantee or you money back. Before going to any other nurseries I would recommend visiting them first.

Excalibur Fruit Trees
5200 Fearnley Road
Lake Worth, Florida 33467-5650
Phone: (561) 969-6988
Fax: (561) 641-3028

Excalibur Fruit Trees is of course is one of my favorite nurseries. This place has it all and in any size starting from tiny to fully grown plants. People get amazed when they visit this nursery with the selection of tropical trees and palms they offer. The owner of the nursery, Richard Wilson collects plants from all over the world, so with every visit you will discover something new. Definitely visit them if you live close by.

Top Tropicals
47770 Bermont Rd,
Punta Gorda, FL 33982
Phone: 941-575-6987

They have a wide selection of tropical plants, not as wide as Excalibur, but if you are looking for a popular palm trees they got it. The prices are a little bit higher and no free shipping like Real Palm Trees, but quality of the palm trees is good. The owners Mike and Tatiana, originally from Russia, are very friendly.

Exotic Palms
25000 S.W. 152nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33032
Phone: 305-246-3125

This palm tree nursery has a good selection of  tropical plants and palm trees.  They don’t sell their palm trees online and don’t offer free shipping. You have to call for the price. Steve, the owner of the nursery is very knowledgeable and will help you pick the right palm tree for your garden.

Excelsa Gardens
12839 25th Street North
Loxahatchee, Florida 33470
Phone: 1-800-649-5348
Fax: (561) 790-3197

This nursery has a small selection of palm trees but if you live in the area it’s worth stopping by.

Eldon Accessories
6654 NE 25th Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34479
Phone: 800-685-1533

This is a medium size nursery located in Ocala, FL. They don’t have large variety of palms trees but offer good customer service. You don’t need to make an appointment to stop by to look at plants. They also do a good job shipping plants, although shipping is not free.

I am updating this list of Palm Tree Nurseries on the regular basis. A lot of great nurseries have been closed in the last few years. Let me know if you can recommend a good Florida Palm Tree Nursery and I’ll add it to my site.

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  1. Hi…I just ran across this site–great information. I noticed that you do not have a nursery/landscape designer listed from Ocala FL. My parents own Florida Greenways Nursery & Landscape Center, located right off Interstate 75. If you are ever in the area, stop by. We have a really nice office/shop. We carry a huge selection of “Cold-Hardy” Palms (Sabals, Europeans, Windmills, Pindos, etc.) in a variety of sizes (anywhere from 3G to FG) , as well as many native trees and shrubs–which we deliver and install. My Dad has been in the plant business since 1982 and 2 of my brothers now work with him. We are really family owned and operated so the quality of our plant material is very important to us and we provide lots of personal service to our customers. If you go on our site, you’ll see our original location. Back in 2006, we added another location just a couple of minutes away–both are very conveniently located right off I-75, Exit 341. — Stop by anytime.

  2. I live in West TN and have purchased a European Fan Palm in Florida last July. We planted it in our front yard with full afternoon sun. When it was planted we were told to use 1/2 sand and 1/2 soil. It was watered as recommended. The palm had 4 stems w/fronds and now it’s about 2 ” taller with 6 stems and fronds but is totally brown. Last winter the temp dropped to about 8 degrees and it was left uncovered. There is now evidence of new growth. Should I trim the brown fronds off and hopefully new growth will come in or is my palm totally dead? Please Help!!

  3. Hi Tracy, Thanks for writing. Your palm might be in shock from the cold temperatures. Usually when palm tree gets damaged by cold it takes a while to recover. Might take up to 1 year. Do not trim the brown fronds because your palm is using them for nutrients. When a palm leaf dies, it transfers all the nutrients from dying leaf to the new growth. Don’t fertilize it. Just keep watering it will come back. Hope this helps. Susan.

  4. Hello…I have a 1yr old roebellini palm in planter on my back porch in Northwest Florida. I few months ago it started getting little white spots on the fronds. Now, the white spots are all over the leaves, both top and bottom. On some of the fronds, it almost looks like snow. I know it’s infected with something, I just don’t know what. Now, some of the bottomo leaves have turned brown as well. Can you help me figure this out? Thanks. Paul

  5. Hi Paul. It sounds like an infestation of mealybugs. Treat is with some insecticidal soap. This should slow them down. It is very hard to get rid of them. Here is my article about mealybugs. ~Susan Brian

  6. Greetings Susan: I am in zone 7b North Carolina and have planted a Pindo on the side of the house; in the back of the house – I’ve planted 2 chinese fan palms (not sure – it may be dwarf palmettos – Is there a true way to distinguish between the two?) and 1 windmill palm. Should I cover the palms or provide treatment for upcoming winter? Also, I have been told to fertilize palm trees after a year of being in the ground. I planted the Pindo over a month ago and already used Palm Fertilizer. Should I be concerned. The others were planted just yesterday. We are currently using rocks instead of mulch to cover the base of the pindo and another Ipalm (front of house) planted 1 year ago. Does it really matter?

    Please advise. Thanks! Darlene

  7. Hi Darlene. You should not fertilize new planted palm until you see new growth. Should be around 2 months. Do fertilize other palms. During winter I would suggest spraying them with FreezePruf. This spray will protect your palms. ~Susan Brian

  8. Hi Susan
    I have a huge Bismarck Palm in my front yard and the top just broke off, can I get the top to grow? Or can I save the bottom part? This was caused by woodpeckkers making holes in the palm.

  9. I want to buy 500 cabbage palm trees to cover my tiki. Do you know where I can purchase these? thanks,

  10. oops, I don’t need 500 trees but leaves… thanks

  11. Craig, this website offers fan palm and date palm leaves for thatching roofs. Scroll to bottom of page.

  12. I live in Keystone Heights,Fl.In between Gainesville and Jacksonville.We have a 13 foot sago palm.We are trying to sell it.Are you interested?Or know of anyone/Thanks

  13. Hi Leona. I think your best bet is to contact a local nursery or you can post a message on our Forum. It is very challenging to dig out and transport a 13 foot palm. ~Susan Brian

  14. saya (from Indonesia, central java) memiliki 2 pohon phoenix dactylifera umur 8 tahun dan belum pernah berbuah. Apa yang harus saya lakukan agar pohon berbuah.
    Dimana saya bisa membeli biji hibrida/hybrid seeds phoenix dactylifera untuk persemaian. Trimakasih.

  15. I am very interested in the 13′boat sago plan that Leona has for sell. Could you plz gv her my email.

  16. Sago plam*

  17. I have 3 oueen palms 2 are very tall 1 tall around 20 to 30 ft for sale in lake worth area

  18. There just a hand full of cabbage Palm also none as a (SABAL PALMS )harvesters left in fl well i am 1 of the hand full (CLARK PALMS) we have from 6ft -40ft i have clusters ,curves,boots,slicks,half boots,half slicks we shape the root ball nice and round and wrap it with a heavy gage wrap we mainly sell semi truck loads but i will sell less than a truck load as well you can email me at wcairboat at gmail for any thing you might need to kmow we only sell the best of the best

  19. I live about 30 miles North of the Alabama/Tennessee state line. occasionally the temperature will get down as low as 10 degrees. Very seldom does it get down to 0. Is there a palm tree that can grow in this area?

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